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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Meet again with Mimin who is kind and not arrogant and diligent in providing interesting tips for all of you! Mimin will discuss about an easy way to make footnote in Microsoft Word in accordance with the rules of writing and examples.

When writing scientific papers footnote or footnotes are a way to mark reference source information in scientific works. Footnote useful for readers to find out the source of the reference directly on a page of scientific work.

Here is an easy way to make a footnote along with an example, let’s see the following review so that you understand more about footnote or footnotes!

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Footnote Writing Rules

Illustration of footno writing rules

In making footnote there are a few things to note:

  • The number of markers in the footnote is smaller, such as writing a square number. But it doesn’t need to be spaced.
  • Author name in footnote written in the order of their original names. Not like a reversed bibliography.
  • Titles and references used in footnote italicized.
  • If the reference is written by two or three people, their names will still be included.
  • If there are more than three references, only the first author’s name and followed by et al.

Footnote Writing Techniques

Footnote writing technique illustration (Photo: Coil)

Here are the technical writing in footnote:

  • In the footnote, the number is typed six characters from the left margin.
  • If the footnote is more than one line, then the second and subsequent lines start like a plain text margin.
  • If there are more than one footnote, the distance between one note and another is the same (with text spacing).
  • The distance on the last line of the footnote remains 3cm from the bottom edge.
  • If there is a long description, it is not allowed to go to the next page. It is better to cut the original text than to cut the footnote.
  • If the same information is sequential, for example, number two is the same as number three, just write down the words ibid rather than repeating footnotes.
  • If there are statements that are the same but not sequential, please provide a description (op.cit.) cf [x][x] is the previous statement.
  • If the description is like opcit but contains information about the article, use loc.cit.

How to Create Footnotes in Microsoft Word

Illustration of how to make a footnote in Microsoft Word (Photo: Billionairecoach)

How to make footnote in Microsoft Word is as follows:

  • Open the document that you want to footnote in Microsoft Word. After that place the cursor where you want, where footnote will appear.
  • After that open the Reference Tab. This tab is at the top of the window, usually between Page Layout and Mailings. This tab is useful for inserting various references, such as table of contents, footnotes and endnotes, citations, descriptions, and more.
  • Then select the Insert Footnote option. Then it will automatically footnote already in the form of a document with the size of a small number 1 that appears at the place where you placed the cursor earlier.
  • Last content footnote with the information that Zone Buddy wants to convey. You can also use shortcuts by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F on keyboard to make a footnote.

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How to Change Numbering in Footnotes

Illustration of changing numbering (Photo: Idntimes)
  • Automatically footnote will adjust the number itself according to how many you enter footnote. You can also change it so that the numbering will start from the beginning on each page numbering or on Page Breaks in a document.
  • Then click the menu button in the lower right corner, then a window will open footnote and endnote. Then in the numbering section to choose when you want the number to be reset again.
  • You can also insert a bottom break into the document by clicking the page services tab, clicking Breaks in the section Page Setup, then select the type of separator you want to enter. Apart from changing the numbering footnoteseparators are also great for changing the layout to specific sections.

Example of Writing Footnotes Based on Number of Authors

Illustration of footnote writing (Photo: Tokopedia)

Example of writing footnote 1 author:

Chairil Anwar, The Roar of Mixed Dust, (Jakarta: PT GRAMEDIA PUSTAKA UTAMA, 1992), p9.

²Sartono Suryadiningrat, Approaches to Religious Sciences in Community Muamalah (Jakarta: Asy-Syariah, 2003), p. 14

Example of writing footnote with 2 to 3 authors:

Joko Budiman and Armand Setiadi, Atomic Structure (Jakarta: Bina Sanjaya, 1996), p. 50-68.

²Patrick Wesell and Arnold Jonathan, Anatomy of the Atom (New Zealand: Light Pen, 1989), p. 36-40.

Example footnote more than 3 authors:

Sri Utami et al, English Level 5 (Yogyakarta: PT. Gramedia, 2003), p. 5.

²Mahmud Efendi, et al. Indonesian Language and Literature, (Solo: Citra Aji Pratama, 2008), p, 47.

Example of Writing Footnotes Based on Reference Sources

Illustration of reference book (Photo: Mindrakyat.com)

Example footnote from the magazine:

Muhammad Adnan, “The Role of Parents, Teachers and the Environment in Educating Children’s Morals, Babakan Case Study, Yogyakarta” (Paper presented at Seminars on Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education Workshops throughout Indonesia, Mataram, 2003), p. 15.

²Mochtar Naim, ”Why do Minang people migrate?” Tempo, January 31, 1975, p. 36.

Example footnote journal or paper:

Mc. Preganent, “Representative of Natural Habits with Prulal Educaton”. Educational Evaluation and Alanytics. Vol. 4 No. 3, Summer 2003, p. 120.

²Gemar Berkarya Hatta, “Health and Medical Records (Medical Records) in Its Position as Supporting National Health”, in the National Archives News, No. 28, June 1988 (Surabaya: ANRI, 1988), p. 7

Example footnote from thesis/thesis/dissertation:

Muryid Rahman, Thesis: “Development of Lower Middle Economic Structure after Studying Information Technology Skills” (Yogyakarta: UGM, 2005), p. 85.

²Adnan Syarief, Thesis: “Laravel-Based Practicum Registration System” (Yogyakarta: UMY, 2017), page 30.

Easy Ways to Make Footnotes in Microsoft Word according to Writing Rules and Examples

Friend Zone, that was the easy way to make footnote or footnotes in Microsoft Word in accordance with the rules of writing along with examples. Hopefully it’s useful, Mimin says goodbye first, don’t miss it!

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