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Preparing the sasadu roof

“HAAAAAAAAAAAA!” an elder shouted loudly and suddenly three people jumped onto the roof. They got ready, squared off on each side and in the middle, and brought along a long bamboo that was the same length as the house.

The elder’s eyes looked sharp, unmoved, focused on the roof of the house. Traditional music similar to gamelan – but with a fast boom accompanying this ritual. The elder pointed up, and shouted once more. The three people immediately dashed up to the roof. The bamboo they brought was the top of the roof of this house, sasadu. The audience shouted loudly when they saw one of the roofers almost slipped. Yep! Finally the roof was installed, starting the main event that was about to begin – Horom Sasadu.

The ceremony carried out by the Sahu tribe in West Halmahera is held twice a year, namely at harvest time and when planting again. This sasadu horom is a big eating party. All the villagers eat under the roof of a large house, eating their own produce. That said, this party was once held for nine days and nine nights. However, for now, just one night was enough. And, I feel very lucky to be able to help them finish the meal that evening.

Installing a sasadu roof

After the roof was installed, there was one interesting thing that the Sahu tribe did. They wash their hands before the party starts. Not with plain water. But the water mixed with the flowers of the areca tree. He said anyway, to wash their hands before starting the farming season again.

Hand washing ritual

In the afternoon before the party, the mothers have prepared their mainstay dishes. The smell of spices has entered my nose. My stomach is already hungry, but I have to wait until the evening. I walked around the village and watched their activities. Some are drying nutmeg, some are distilling rat stamps (zzz!), some are soaking in the river near this village – where the water is warm because it is located under a volcano.

Evening arrived, after they performed the prayer ritual first, we, the guests, were welcome to eat as much as they wanted! The menu is very diverse, but predominantly fish. here highlights Jailolo buffet dinner menu!

Cala rice being prepared

Cala Rice. Or it can also be called twin rice. I thought it was jaha rice, but it turned out to be different. Jaha rice uses glutinous rice, while Cala rice is ordinary rice. Cala rice is wrapped in banana leaves, cylindrical in shape, and inserted into long bamboo. And then burned! The rice clumped together to resemble rice cake, and it smelled deliciously mixed with banana leaves.

The Sahu tribe rarely eat rice here because it is quite rare. They only eat rice at certain times. We as guests had the honor to taste their signature Cala rice 🙂

Duck mouth banana. Don’t think of sweet bananas as a snack or side dish. At first I thought this banana. This banana is a young banana. These bananas are boiled with coconut milk, so that there are still remnants of the coconut milk stew. And eating this banana accompanied by grilled fish…lol….? And also the chili paste..lahh? Yes, indeed duck mouth bananas there can replace rice!

All you can eat

Dabu-dabu manta fish. No, it wasn’t the manta rays that are famous in Raja Ampat that were on my plate. Manta means raw. Dabu-dabu is a type of jailolo chili sauce. Dabu-dabu are coarsely sliced ​​tomatoes, onions, and chilies. Stir well and mix a little basil and lime juice. There is also chili colo-colo. The difference is, the colo-colo seasoning will be ground into chili sauce in general. Taste? The savory tuna fish mixed with the fresh chili sauce makes the tongue don’t stop chewing.

Eating together

Mouse stamp. This seems to be a mandatory drink at a traditional party. I’m a Muslim so I can’t drink it. But seeing the reaction of my friend who tried it, it looks like the alcohol content is very high. “Similar to vodka …..,” said my friend with a red face.

There are still many dishes served, which I also don’t know what they are called. The drums continued to be taboo with the party that night. Everyone laughed and the sasadu horom managed to make my tongue sway all night ~

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