Egg Freezing Trends, How Big is the Chance of Getting Pregnant to the Cost?


Egg freezing or egg banking It’s been popular lately, Mother. Procedure egg freezing or egg freezing is done to be able to have children by getting pregnant at another time.

According to Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, Dr. Benedict Arifin, MPH, SpOG, egg banking is the process of egg freezing. The method is similar to the procedure performed in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or IVF.

“Actually egg banking This is a process in which the female egg cells that we have taken are then frozen or stored,” said the doctor who is familiarly called Benny. HiMomWednesday (19/1/22).

“It’s similar to IVF. The main difference is that in IVF, the egg is found with sperm cells to become an embryo and it’s possible that the embryo was implanted or stored. (In IVF). egg banking) We take the egg, immediately in-freezing or save,” he continued.

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There are three stages in egg bankingnamely stimulation (growing follicles), ovum pick up (egg retrieval), and the egg freezing process. Stages of stimulation and ovum pick up the same as the program in IVF, Mother.

Egg freezing or egg banging became popular in Indonesia in recent years. Benny said that egg banging Generally, this is done for three indications, namely an emergency condition if the husband cannot release sperm during the IVF process, the woman is undergoing chemotherapy, or if she wants to delay pregnancy.

“For example, you are 38 years old, but you don’t want to have children yet. This can do it egg bankingbut of course later on this egg cell must be met with a valid husband’s sperm cell, yes,” said Benny.

If you want to do egg banking, you should really understand the rules in Indonesia first. In addition to the egg cell must be met with the husband’s sperm cell, egg banking can’t be donated.

“To record, egg banking this should not be donated because in Indonesia this is not yet allowed. In addition, the egg must be reunited with the sperm cell of a legitimate husband. This indication must be considered,” said the doctor from Morula IVF Surabaya.

Storage time for eggs from egg banking also the same as IVF program. There is still no time limit.

Then how much does it cost to do egg banking or egg freezing here it is, Mother. Read the next page y’all.

Also check out Dr. Benedict Arifin’s explanation about the stages in the IVF program, in the following video:

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