Elegant House with Incredible Beauty

Old style homes can also have a special charm that fits with today’s modern housing trends. In addition to small rooms, narrow windows that make the room cramped, furniture degradation is also in a damaged condition. These are some of the reasons why Dutch architects carry out home improvements. Check out this idea book how they turned an old house into a modern mansion with quirky personalities!

1. Before: messy.

Joep van Os Architectenbureau

This photo shows a pile of scattered house rubble. For the renovation of this house, the owner needed to completely overhaul the roof and the insulation on the outer walls. The inner floor, pipes and drains should also be replaced. Some of the walls and ceilings were also rebuilt.

1. Before: Potential.

Joep van Os Architectenbureau

This photo shows the initial condition before the house renovation was carried out. Brick and wood will be applied during the renovation later to maintain the charm of this place. In an instant, this room will be modern and unique.

2. Open space with high ceilings.

Joep van Os Architectenbureau


house has a natural open and airy space. The living room is highlighted by a nearly 8 meter high ceiling giving it a fresh and airy look. On the ground floor there is a living room, kitchen, dining room and common room for the whole family. In addition, on the ground floor there is a unique staircase. If you want to renovate an old house with a new look, don’t hesitate to contact our interior designers.

2. After: A mix of classic and modern rustic.

Joep van Os Architectenbureau


kitchen is located in the middle of the dining room and living room which presents a perfect classic beauty. This kitchen is decorated with modern appliances and a unique lighting system that manages to create an interesting contrast between classic and modern kitchens.

2. Industry inspiration.

class="aligncenter" src="https://images.homify.com/image/upload/a_0,c_fill,f_auto,h_632,q_auto,w_632/v1458737342/p/photo/image/1418244/Joep-van-Os-Architectenbureau-verbouwing-renovatie-woonboerderij-Sprundel-11.jpg" alt="Joep van Os Architectenbureau"/>

The brick wall at the back brings nostalgia for ancient architecture with a hint of modern industrial style. This room is also decorated with leather upholstery, a wooden table and a large metal lamp. If you observe carefully, you will surely be mesmerized by its beauty.

2. After: The room is full of light.

Joep van Os Architectenbureau

In this room, we see the design of the stairs as well as the large and modern windows. This provides an opportunity for natural light to flood the home and creates a beautiful setting for the owner to observe from indoors to outdoors. The work of combining various wood and concrete materials creates a unique area.

2. After: Roof top.

Joep van Os Architectenbureau

At the top of the house there is an attic which has a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. Similar to the basement of a house, this area is cool and full of natural light. The predominance of pure white and the sink in the entire room really contrasts with the gray floor.


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