Elma Theana Opens Up About Bickering & Resigning To Be Venna Melinda’s WO Wedding, The Reason…


Bad news came from the couple Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda. This news also dragged the name of the senior artist Elma Theana, Bunda.

Elma Theana is said to have resigned as the wedding organizer (WO) of Ferry and Venna’s wedding. Elma was rumored to have quarreled with Venna, so the 47-year-old artist decided to collaborate with his best friend.

Recently, Elma Theana finally opened her voice. Sonny Septian’s older brother denied the news that he had resigned as a WO at Ferry and Venna’s wedding. However, Elma was forced to part with her best friend due to unspecified circumstances.

“No, we don’t separate WO. With her (Venna) I’m also fine, not backing down either, we never back down,” said Elma Theana when met at Studio Trans TV, Tendean, South Jakarta.

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Elma Theana explained that Ferry and Venna’s wedding was still going on as originally planned. The couple will be getting married in Bali. However, the WO services used are different.

“Indeed, because of the situation and conditions, so the event continues but in Bali, but not with us as WO,” explained Elma.

On this occasion, Elma Theana also denied that she had an argument with Venna. Elma said that his relationship with Venna was still good.

“We’re still friends, we’re still good, there’s no fuss at all,” he said.

Not long ago, Venna Melinda had time to reveal her plans and wedding date with Ferry Irawan. This 49-year-old woman is planning to get married in Bali on March 7th

“(Married) March 7th God willing. The location is in Jembrana, Bali,” said Venna Melinda, quoted from YouTube TRANSTV Official.

Previously, Venna and Ferry had held a proposal ceremony at D’Banquet Pantai Mutiara, Pluit, North Jakarta. The event will be held on Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

In contrast to the location of the proposal event, Venna and Ferry decided to get married in Bali. According to Elma Theana, her best friend’s wedding had been planned to be held in Bali simply.

Elma also revealed about Venna’s journey in preparing for her second marriage, Mother. What did Elma Theana say?


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