Emina Lipstick Colors That Are Suitable for Teens

Emina’s lipstick colors will make lips healthier by choosing nude colors for teens.

Emina is an Indonesian cosmetic brand targeting teenagers that is safe to use with a lightweight and long-lasting formula. One of them is a lipstick product that has color soft and can be used everyday. The following are the colors of Emina’s lipstick which are intended for teenagers.

This lip balm has a crayon-like shape which is easy to apply. You can use this lip balm for everyday which will make the lips look healthier. For a natural look, use shade Library Queen which will make the lips blush.

2. Emina Soulmatte Lipstick 02 Unicorn

This Emina lipstick produces a matte look. Even so, this lipstick will not dry out the lips. It’s just that, this lipstick is one of the transfer proof and you need to reuse it when you finish eating or drinking.

For today’s teens, choose a color nude for natural make-up. You can choose shade A unicorn that won’t make your lips look pale. Besides that, you can also use it as a base ombre lips which will make your make-up look younger.

3. Emina Creamatte Fuzzy Wuzzy

For long-lasting lipstick, Emina’s lip cream is the right choice. This lip cream has a nice texture creamy with a brush that fits right up to the corners of the lips. The formula of this lip cream will also not make your lips dry.

Emina’s lipstick colors from the Creamatte series are indeed formulated to be used by teenagers. You can choose it according to your needs and activities. If you like color nude, shade Fuzzy Wuzzy can be the right choice.

4. Emina Crème De la Crème Emily’s Peach

Source: femaledaily.com

If you like lipsticks with a satin finish, this series can be the right choice with a formula that won’t dry out your lips. The content of vitamin E in this lipstick will also nourish your lips, making them healthier.

You can use it everyday and if you want to use it at school, it’s a good idea to choose a nude color. You can choose the shade Emily’s Peach. Shades it has color nude with hint orange that will make you look brighter. It’s just that, so as not to be caught by the BK teacher, it’s a good idea to apply it thinly, okay?

5. Emina Once Upon a Time Lipstick Sunset

This lipstick contains glitter that will make your lips visible glossy. You can use this lipstick for hangout which will make an impression glamor when worn. In addition, this lipstick also contains vitamin E which can moisturize the lips. You can choose shade Sunset that will make your facial skin look brighter.

6. Emina Sugar Rush Peach Pancakes

Source: eminacosmetics.com

This lipstick has a creamy texture and can last up to 4 hours. This lipstick is enough pigmented and you only need one swipe to get the color. Even though the result is matte, this lipstick won’t dry out your lips, you know?

There are also quite a few color choices. If you want to choose a color nude but don’t want to look pale, shade Peach Pancakes are the right choice. Shades This will also make your face brighter, but still look natural.

By knowing Emina lipstick colors will help you determine the right shade for everyday use. Even though you’re still a teenager, it’s a good idea to use nude colors so you don’t seem more mature.

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