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Ternate Island from Jailolo

“Bobane means beach, hena means betel nut, so bobane hena is a beach with lots of betel nut trees,” said a fisherman, when I asked the name of this beach.

Like the capital’s artist, Bobane Hena also has a popular name among tourists. Its name is the troubled pier, the troubled beach. Can’t understand why the name can be a bit ridiculous like that.

Children playing in the afternoon on the pier, because it’s a festival, the pier is filled with residents and tourists alike

In fact, in my opinion, whatever people are, if they come to this beach, the confusion will disappear. At least before sunset. Because the setting here is really unique. Four rows of volcanoes in the North Maluku sea line up like border guard soldiers.

Let’s go from left to right. The sharp left side is Tidore Island, next to it is Maitara Island, followed by Ternate Island to the right, and Hiri Island to the right. Plus a little orange tinge that slowly fades to a fiery red, who’s still confused here?

Enjoying Jailolo Sunset
The troubled pier has several piers
Be careful sis, lest there are sharks below hehe
The panorama of the mountains is very pleasing to the eye
Ternate from Jailolo
Hot springs that flow into the sea, so a lot to warm the body here.
One angle bobanehena
Be careful the pier is already a bit dying.

Are you still upset today bro? Just go to the pier, don’t worry, jump into the sea *hit*

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