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There is a myth that if anyone gets close to the top of Mount Patuha, humans or animals, they will die. The local people believe that the peak is the residence of the Jinn. In other words, haunted.

is Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, who in 1837 undertook a scientific expedition to the top of this mountain. He and other researchers finally found a white crater and its sulfur, as well as completely answering the myth of the awesomeness that existed.

Apart from the existing myths, currently the white crater is a mainstay tourist attraction in South Bandung. The exoticism of the crater with dry trees leaves a distinct impression.

Access to the white crater is very easy, only about two hours from the south side of Bandung. If you are from out of town, exit at the Kopo Toll Road and continue towards the district capital of Bandung, Soreang. From there, just follow the directions. Along the way, the views of the tea plantations will captivate you.

Looking back at history, Kawah Putih was formed by the massive eruption of Mount Patuha in the 13th century. This eruption destroyed most of the top of the mountain, leaving a trail in the form of a white crater lake.

The local community admits that they often see a herd of white sheep around the peak. They believe that the sheep are the incarnations of their ancestors, which they name lukutan sheep. Myth, you may believe it or not.

What’s interesting about the white crater is the color of the water that changes. Sometimes white like milk, sometimes pale green like salted egg, sometimes even bluish. This reminds me of Kelimutu Lake in East Nusa Tenggara, only the size is much different.

Walking around Kawah Putih, you will feel like in another world. How not, we are treated to a mystical view. White water, white rocks, and trees without leaves. If the fog is descending, we will be completely transported to another world.

But even though it looks barren, the temperature here is quite cold. During the day between 15-22 degrees Celsius. At night it can drop to 5 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that the white crater is at the top of Mount Obedi with an altitude of 2386 meters above sea level.

Speaking of craters, Indonesia, which incidentally is in the Pacific Ring of Fire, certainly has the most active craters in the world. With this fact, it should be a good tourism campaign material. Moreover, foreign adventurous tourists who do not necessarily have a crater as beautiful as Indonesia in their country.

If you visit Bandung, take the time to visit Kawah Putih. You can also enjoy the beauty of Situ Patengan which is located not far from the white crater.

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