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No need to bother to find this five-star hotel in the middle of the bustle of Bangkok. In fact, we don’t need to participate in the traffic jams in the Thai capital because Eastin Grand Sathorn can be reached by BTS Skytrain (the Bangkok city mass rapid transit that runs on a special flyover), we only need to get off right at the Surasak BTS station.

Direct access bridge to hotel

In fact, it wasn’t just right in front of him anymore. Eastin has direct access to the station, a special exit from the station which is directly connected to the bridge that connects the Surasak BTS station to the third floor of Eastin Grand Sathorn. Of course this feature makes it easier for those of us who want to explore the city of Bangkok with BTS. On the map of the track in the train was clearly written the location of this hotel.

The bridge from Surasak BTS station goes directly to the third floor of the hotel.

Still a matter of location, Eastin is very close to the city center. But not too close either so it’s not too noisy. To reach the Chao Praya river, for example, you only need to pass one station to BTS Saphan Taksin which takes less than 5 minutes. To get to the shopping center in Siam, only need to pass three to four stations. And because Eastin is located in the middle of Bangkok, our trip will be more effective and efficient!

When checking in to the hotel as a group, we were served by a beautiful oriental-looking girl who immediately approached us personally in a special lounge. He served us fussy with patience and a very sweet in-line eye smile. Shortly after he asked for our passports he gave us the keys and a little briefing about the hotel.

Superior room (most standard room)

Here are photos from the superior room window on the 21st floor.

Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good night

Watching the skyscrapers of bangkok from my room on the 24th floor on the third day was really nice. I could see both sides of the sun rising and setting in the jungle of high rise buildings. On the other hand, the view of the chao praya river that divides bangkok with large temples on its side can also be enjoyed from above Eastin.

For optimal views, try to book a superior sky or executive superior sky room which is located on the highest floor. My room on the 24th floor was executive deluxe which had a spacious bathub, also with large windows all around. I was confused about how to occupy this 43 square meter room alone. Hard code again.

Premium deluxe room on the 24th floor
Premium deluxe room on the 24th floor
The bathroom. The model is shy.

The swimming pool on the 14th floor is indeed very suitable to be enjoyed at dusk. Swimming in the infinity pool while looking at the buildings in the afternoon sun, the lights of the buildings glowing balanced with the sky slowly turning blue, and the roar of busy people returning home from work. In stark contrast to the situation up here which is quiet and cool.

14th floor infinity pool
at dusk
A quiet afternoon above Eastin, even though there was a traffic jam below because of office hours.

For breakfast, in addition to the standard western menu, of course there are Thai-style menus such as Pad Thai and his friends. There is also a meatball and dimsum stand which is really good! For the menu with pork, there’s always writing on it. So for those who are Muslims can avoid meat that should not be eaten.

Gado-gado breakfast

Eastin Grand Sathorn offers all five star facilities which are very satisfying. The Air Asia blogger community anniversary event was also held here. Its very strategic location, very easy access to public transport, spectacular views from the rooms, make Eastin my hotel recommendation if you are on vacation in Bangkok and enjoy the calming bustle of Bangkok from within Eastin.

Thank You!

Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok

33/1 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120. Thailand.

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