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Telaga Warna lake

The sun had not yet appeared when the bus I was riding entered the city of Wonosobo. I woke up to the screams of the conductor who started to wake up the sleeping passengers.

Clean. That was my first impression when I entered this city. Arriving at the Wonosobo terminal, my admiration grew because this terminal didn’t look like garbage and smelled of urine, unlike the terminal in Bandung which I visited 9 hours earlier.

No wonder this city has received the Adipura award, the cleanest city award from the president, from 2007 to 2011 in a row.

This is where I waited for my traveling companion from Jakarta. Our goal is the same: the Dieng plateau.

We continued our journey to Dieng using a mini bus. The thing that caught my attention was that this city looked so welcoming.

Even the bus conductor was very friendly to the passengers.

Dieng sir? by the way“, greeted the conductor with his thick Javanese accent. Maybe I’m a little weird seeing that because I’m used to the conductor’s behavior kopaja in the Capital.

Tieng Village, still under the Dieng area. Photo from monitoring post
Dieng area entrance

The trip to Dieng was enough to overwhelm the bus I was riding. A fairly steep incline made the bus cough. The hills of ‘teletubies’ typical of the highlands and beautiful potato gardens accompanied me during the trip.

Arriving in Dieng, the cold began to feel. Not surprisingly, the height of Dieng has reached more than 2000 meters. Before I went to Dieng I thought it would be very interesting because one sub-district is the same height as the peak of Tangkuban Perahu.

Dieng area map

Telaga Warna, was my first stop in Dieng. It is said that the color of the lake here can change color because of the necklace of a princess who was dumped in the lake. The atmosphere of the lake is very calm in the morning, the clean and cool air makes my lungs thank you.

Go up a little up the hill, then the whole lake can be seen clearly. Telaga Warna is perfect for people who are looking for tranquility.

Sikidang Crater

For history buffs, Dieng will be a favorite destination. There are so many temples around Dieng’s friends. But because I’m not very interested in temples, I only visited Arjuna temple for photos selfies.

For lodging, don’t ask me where to stay. Because I always bring a tent if possible. Being closer to nature means being able to enjoy nature more freely.

Mount Sindoro from Sikunir Hill

Sikunir hill became our destination, but because it was too late and it was raining, we just camped at the foot of the hill to be precise on the soccer field. This place is quite comfortable for camping in Dieng because it is flat and has a toilet.

There is a special sensation when passing the night by camping in the wild. Sometimes there is fear, but there is passion that conquers all. Evenings in the wild are romantic, if I may say so.

My tent is under Sikunir Hill. Photo by mas Fathurahman
Arjuna temple area

The night we spent, wishing there were stars in the sky that appeared. But what power the weather lately is really upset. We could only play a little in the tent and then sleep in preparation for the next day’s climb.

After the morning prayer, we went straight to the top of the hill Sikunir. The highest point in Dieng is indeed a very good spot to enjoy the sunrise. I, who really like sunrise tours, can’t wait to enjoy the sunrise in Dieng.

Waiting for sunrise

Shortly before sunrise, I had reached Sikunir hill. There were already several people there who were also waiting for the attraction from the sun.

And… I was very lucky that morning to get a very beautiful sun. Mount Sindoro-sumbing shows its charm, in the distance you can see Mount Merapi, Merbabu and Mount Slamet. The roofs of the island of Java look very exotic from the peak of the elbow. Extraordinary.

Sileri Crater

In addition to temples and Sikunir hill, Dieng is also famous for its many active craters. When I was in Sikidang Crater, many Caucasians were very excited about these craters. Maybe in his home country he never saw the crater hehe.

Ongklok noodles

One more thing, don’t forget to taste the typical Dieng food, Ongklok noodles. These noodles are served with cabbage and chives along with a thick gravy made from cassava essence mixed with other spices. Ongklok noodles are always served with beef satay. This noodle is quite tasty and should be tried if you visit Dieng.

Dieng is one of the highlands in the world besides the Tibetan plateau. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the highlands, clean air, or just want to follow the historical trail. Dieng will not be a wrong choice.

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