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Hervé Juvin, a member of the European Parliament, blamed Europe’s fall on the union’s dependence on its transatlantic ally, the United States. Mr Juvin claims the end is near for the “westernization” of the world.

Summarizing on Twitter, he said: “This is the end of the westernization of the world.

“And what is at stake is the future of Europe, a Europe that the Union is pulling into submission, a Union that sacrifices its quest for autonomy for the convenience of the American occupation.

“Who isolated whom?”

Talking about how the influence of the West in the world has weakened, Juvin points out the difference between global countries when it comes to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He pointed out that more than a quarter of UN members failed to recognize sanctions against Russia following a meeting between member nations of the conference attended by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

African countries also fall into the same field.

Mr Juvin said: “Macky Sall, President of Senegal, who is also President of the Organization of African Unity, explained the option to abstain from the vote condemning Russia, on behalf of his country, but also on behalf of all African countries who know what they owe the Soviet Union. , what they still owe to Russia that remains, which distributes food aid and which has strong popular support.

“That same week, the United Arab Emirates announced its oil could be paid for in rubles, and refused to accept the American envoy.”

On a larger political scale, both China and India have avoided completely condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Juvin said: “India, for its part, negotiated a ‘ruble for rupee’ energy supply contract, while for the first time in decades, China’s foreign minister announced he would visit India, and India’s foreign minister would visit Beijing, both of them. put aside the provocations made by the United States and its accomplices to revive a marginal conflict on the Himalayan border, or to stir up incidents with sister country Pakistan.”

Pakistan and India left on the fence over Ukraine invasion

During the early stages of the invasion of Ukraine, EU members were divided on how to handle the situation.

Germany initially refused to provide Ukraine with equipment because it was so dependent on Russian gas.

But for many Eastern European member states, Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine sparked fears of a conflict getting too close to his country.

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Calls have been made to allow Ukraine to join the EU, but this has again been met with stiff resistance by more established EU member states such as France and the Netherlands.

Ukraine’s call to join NATO has also been largely rejected by the alliance, which fears such a move will spark a global conflict.