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Beware the Bike

The first thing I saw when I first stopped in Amsterdam was: Bicycles. They are everywhere. Drive at high speed.

If crossing, be careful with this bike. Trams and cars are not going fast. But when it comes to bicycles, they are very fast and their movements are random!

Maybe not as bad as motorbikes in Hanoi and Jakarta. Of course, because this bike is pollution-free and makes the fat appear shy around the waist.

In some roads, the bicycle lanes are not much different in size from the car lanes that must share with the tramway. Not infrequently, you can see the sight of young executives in long coats carrying suitcase, eating a sandwich in his left hand while riding a bicycle at high speed. Don’t copy it, guys.

IAMSTERDAM take over. Can’t take photos here.

I and Bolang from Jakarta met my college friend Mira who is studying in London. Came all the way to Amsterdam because I wanted to take kencur and high-MSG snacks that I brought from Jakarta.

“Make it seblak,” he said.

A 14 hour non-stop flight from Jakarta with Garuda Indonesia at 9 pm WIB landed me in Amsterdam around 11 am.

Thanks to garuda miles, I got this flight almost for free by redeeming points. Almost, because I still pay tax. But it’s such a good deal!

In front of schipol airport

We went straight to the Museumplein area where the words “I amsterdam” were written which became a tourist favorite spot for taking photos. But very crowded. Different from what I met at the airport. So if you really want to take photos in this article, try stopping at the front of the Schipol airport first.

Surprisingly, the weather is quite cold considering it’s already mid-April. Ranges between 7-10 degrees Celsius. Enough to make my tropical blood almost freeze.

Very cute shop

I really like buildings in the Netherlands. The average is symmetrical left and right. The material is usually a reddish-brown brick. And on the top side it tends to form a triangle with various shapes.

The building is usually 4-6 floors. Rarely do I find one that is only 1-2 floors in the middle of the city. This building is lined up that’s why I call it a “ruko”.

House by the canal

Amsterdam is a city that is below sea level. They can survive because of the “dam” of the dam that holds the water.

In the center of Amsterdam there are many canals that are very comfortable to walk. By walking on the edge or using boat tours that we can follow.


In addition to the houses on the mainland, there are also houses that float on the river. At first I thought it was just for the restaurant. But after I confirmed it with my friend who lives in Amsterdam, it turned out that it was also my home!

Mosques in Amsterdam

I was staying at Dutchies Hostel west of Amsterdam. I like this hostel because right in front of it there is a Lidl supermarket and Badr Mosque. The kitchen equipment is quite complete even though the kitchen is quite narrow. The rooms are quite spacious the first 3 days we were here. On the last day when we stayed here again (because of the PP Jakarta – Amsterdam ticket) we were given a different room but it turned out to be narrower. Recommended for those looking for a cheap and comfortable hostel in Amsterdam.

Bikes in the parking lot of a building near Sloterdijk . station

The people in Amsterdam, as far as I can see, are quite friendly. Twice I was approached by people there when I looked confused looking for directions at the tram station. They also explain in detail and friendly in English.

The overall environment in Amsterdam is quite clean, there is no trash that is out of place except for cigarette butts! Especially in the park, if at first glance it may not be visible. But if you look closely, there are many cigarette butts lying on the ground.

Tulip “rice fields” in Lisse

I also had time to go to Keukenhoff garden. Well, to be more precise, only to Lisse, not to her Keukenhoff Garden. Why? First: my trip is really on budget. Second: a friend at the hostel didn’t really recommend going in, because the tulips haven’t fully bloomed yet. “It’s better to just look at the community gardens around Keukenhoff,” he suggested.

I also agreed with the suggestion and it’s true. The garden outside is also equally beautiful, more natural, and of course there are no other tourists except me and a few people who stopped from the car to just take pictures.

look at that redddd!!

Oh yes, if you plan to go to Keukenhoff and want to buy an Amsterdam Travel Ticket (a kind of public transport day pass), buy the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket. Don’t just use the Amsterdam Travel Ticket, because Lisse is already outside the city of Amsterdam.

Zaanse Schan

The third day in Amsterdam, I tried to visit Zaanse Schan. A tourist village that still keeps classic Dutch windmills. But unfortunately when I was there this place was very crowded and too touristy. If you’re with your girlfriend, it might be fun, but since this trip is with you and your friends, how about that. #throwncamera

Mandatory Photo

Another unique place that I visited was….Red light District. The most organized prostitute place in the world, if I may say. The place is not as ‘horror’ as I imagined. Not much different from the shophouses next door. Mingle with museums, pastry shops, and cafes. There is no significant barrier. However, the difference is that when a pastry shop sells bread in a window, this red light district has a rather large display know what

I even witnessed a man bidding the price for ‘services’ to women in the ‘storefront’. Localization workers here are registered and pay taxes to the government. They also have to undergo special routine tests for their health.

Yes, that’s how it is there. Please take a breath each hehe.

There are also many adult toy and knick-knacks shops here. There are also some ‘live shows’ that I dare not watch. Afraid of making mistakes, don’t have the budget to solve the problem. #eh

One of the corners of the canal, a cool place for coffee. Honey, it’s cold.

I was invited by Jelte, a friend of mine from Amsterdam whom I met while on a trip to Komodo Island to have dinner at his house. Good luck bloggers. I was served a plate….I forget the name, but this is typical Dutch cuisine. The meal consists of large juicy sausages and crispy meatballs plus potatoes mashed with vegetables. (Hey Jelte if you read this pls mention the food name in the comment haha!)

Magaere Brug (Skinny Bridge)

That night I walked together around Amsterdam east. Past the canals and bridges called Magaere Brug. Or the English name Skinny Bridge. If you have been to Sunda Kelapa Harbor, a similar bridge is still perched there. Souvenirs from the ancient Netherlands.

Trip of Wonders Amsterdam Reunion!

Thanks for reading!

Pssssst… Don’t forget to watch the vlog below!

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