Evaluation of the Pre-Employment Card, How long does it actually take?

This article discusses the time needed for the Pre-Employment Card evaluation process.

Hi guys, are you confused because there is no clarity regarding Pre-Employment evaluation? Don’t worry, this evaluation process actually functions to check the data you registered in the Pre-Employment Card program. After the registration is closed, then the process will run. Then how long does the pre-employment card evaluation take? For the answer, let’s find out together.

This pre-employment evaluation process usually takes time 3 to 4 days until the participants who passed were announced. While the longest time required is 7 working days, not including Saturday and Sunday. So for those of you whose accounts are being evaluated, please be patient.

After you register, the personal data that you willcheck and checked by the management of the Pre-Employment Card. Therefore, make sure the personal data you enter when registering is correct and correct. Errors in entering personal data such as NIK or a name that does not match your ID card will greatly affect the evaluation process for your Pre-Employment account.

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Stages of the registration process to evaluation

After registering for the Pre-Employment Card, you will be directed to dashboard. Then when you have completed the test in website pre-employment, then the next evaluation process will take place. Later you will also see a notification with the words “Yay! We are evaluating your registration”.

During this evaluation period, don’t forget to keep checking the status of your Pre-Employment account. Try every day to visit website Pre-employment and keep the information up to date. If the evaluation process is successful, then you will immediately get an incentive fund. So don’t forget to enter your account number e-wallet which you will use later.

The total incentive funds that you will get by participating in Pre-Employment are IDR 2.4 million with details IDR 600,000 per month for 4 months. In addition, there is also a training assistance fund of IDR 1 million. You can use these funds to buy training classes on line.

You can find these online training classes on various digital platforms, one of which is IGAcademy. In the IGAcademy you can choose from various types of training classes. Like a cloth mask making class, a success class interview work, classes on making a home business, and much more.

Also, don’t just buy a class with the aim of just getting a certificate. Because by taking these training classes, you can develop your abilities better. Therefore, use the incentive funds obtained from Pre-Employment wisely. That is an explanation of how long the pre-employment card evaluation process will take. Hopefully this Pre-Employment program can be useful for you.

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