Excellent HR Candidates in the Creative Economy Era Need Real Collaboration Space

Reporting from Antara News, President Joko Widodo said that: HR Development as the key to advanced Indonesia in the future, Speech on Sentul International Convention Center (SICC) in Bogor, West Java on July 14, 2019, witnessed how important human resource development is for the progress of the Indonesian nation.

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There are several points that the president underlined regarding HR developmentamong others related to HR Candidate Health itself from pregnant women, baby births, toddlers and when they are in school. So with guaranteed health, then of course they will become superior human resources and can compete not only at the national level, but also at the international level.

Think again, how important is health? Very important and perhaps invaluable. So the most important thing we need to pay attention to is health.

So friends, don’t underestimate this, to be able to compete, we need health, never force our bodies to work beyond limits, live regularly for those of you who can have independent lives and don’t depend on the government, you need to apply a pattern healthy living, as many workers or mature human resources ignore is sleep, most of them are sleep deprived, and even sleep hours are irregular.

Reflecting on the presidential mandate above, it means that to become truly superior HR, we need to pay attention to what is called a regular pattern. Why do you work to be superior HR but sacrifice your health? Just Think!

Physical and Mental Health

Actually Health itself is very broad, there is physical and mental health. Why are there 2? This is my own opinion from observations around, To be truly healthy, my friend must pay attention to these 2 things, Physical and Mental Health (Mental), Physical Health lies in your body while mental health lies in your mind.
Just imagine if someone is lazy or he tends to behave badly, can he be a superior HR? yes, but he has to change first.

Remember, from the President’s statement above, there is a guarantee that the government will support prospective HR candidates even from their mother’s womb, so that the opportunity for the millennial generation to develop at this time is very large. They just need to develop the potential that exists within themselves.

Competence and Productivity

Reporting from the website of the DPR of the Republic of Indonesia, Dede Yusuf, who currently serves as a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives for the 2019-2024 period, before attending his inauguration at the DPR RI Building, Senayan Jakarta on October 20, 2019 said that
The main keys for superior human resources are competence and productivity, where competent means being able to carry out competent things in accordance with the main target, while productivity itself means that each job is judged by the product it is able to produce.


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From these expressions it can be concluded that they need to develop their potential themselves so that they are able with this potential to become their competence to produce products that can be useful. Now, The product here is wide yes, not only in terms of products sold in the market, but products here can mean products. MPR institutions, DPR for exampleor it could be competency products, for example they are in the supporting environment of a company, for example good customer service products for those in the Customer Service Department, company policy and innovation products for those who are competent in the CEO and many more whose core product is not only in the narrow sense of the product, but the product is very broad, even your role in society is also a product of the competencies you have.

Demography bonus

Indonesia will experience a Demographic Bonus period in 2030 – 2040,

it means on During this period, Indonesia will be dominated by productive ages between 15 – 65 years which will reach 64% of the 297 million people (Bappenas Press Release 22 May 2017) which is greater than those of the unproductive age

That number can be encouraging, it can also be worrying, meaning that if this is not prepared properly and maturely, then the productive age can only become a burden on the state with unemployment everywhere. This will automatically trigger the crime rate as well, and of course it will reduce the competitiveness of the Indonesian state with other more developed countries.
Likewise, vice versa, it will be good news if during the 2020-2030 transition period preparations have been made to face this period, it is possible that Indonesia will become the Most Prosperous Country because it has EXCELLENT and competent human resources in all fields that can compete in the international arena. .

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reported from Kompas.com written by Deti Mega Purnamasari. There are 5 Aspects that have been proclaimed in the National Development Program which are included in the Vision and Mission of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, including Human Resources Development, Infrastructure, Simplification of Regulations, Bureaucratic Reform, and Economic Transformation, which are a form of steps to deal with upcoming Demographic bonuses. Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian said during a meeting with the KPK to discuss the budget on Monday, November 11, 2019,

Is the Government Ready?

From this statement, it is clear that from a government perspective, the government is ready to face the Demographic Bonus in the future. Because if we review again the statement of President Joko Widodo, which focuses on human resource development, it is supported by 4 other interrelated aspects. As a writer, I believe that the Demographic Bonus Period in the future will be a rising point for Indonesia’s progress compared to other countries in the world, if the implementation of these commitments is held firmly and consistently, meaning that there are no personal or group interests, all work and synergize for the progress of the nation. Indonesia This.

What is your role here?

And here is not only the role of the government, but all of you cadres of Mother Earth wherever you are who are currently in their productive age. When the Government has been struggling to facilitate the young shoots, even from the womb, they are struggling to build an ecosystem that is beneficial for all Indonesian people.

If someone is willing to put aside his personal interests for the sake of the state, his name will surely be beautifully engraved in the inscription of the motherland, not on the contrary using the interests of the state to make personal interests successful.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Creative Economy

In the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0, this is a big change in my opinion, the role of humans seems to be replaced one by one with the emergence of technology Internet of Things which is an important product marking the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Use of Technology, Data, and Automation).

Everything is completely automatic, will the field of human work be replaced by something called automatic machines?


Then what is the use of Superior HR if it turns out to be unemployed?

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The Industrial Revolution 4.0 actually emerged and influenced the emergence of the Creative Economy to change conventional and complicated business models, getting easier and faster, so that humans are expected to be more productive, because work that should be done manually can already be done automatically through a combination of methods. Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence.

The most visible example is selling online, such as: Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, Jd, Blibli, and many other online stores.

People not only have their devices connected to the Internet, they can immediately find the items they are looking for with detailed specifications and an automatic purchase process that can be done directly wherever they are due to the collaboration of related agencies such as the Shipping Department, Banking and Online Stores working together by sharing. big data to simplify the transaction process. As a result, the purchasing process is quite easy and well organized, including customer data along with the order history.

And every day that process gives birth to a Big Data There are amazing things in the online store, so that from that data, humans can create artificial intelligent machines to track buyer interests, offer based on query previously saved and with big data can even be analyzed in more detail to explore opportunities in the market.

Yes, that is the picture of Industry 4.0 which greatly affects the emergence of the Creative Economy which tends to be more digital, almost all sectors can be automated, so back to the original question:

Everything is completely automatic, will the field of human work be replaced by something called automatic machines?

Then what is the use of Superior HR if it turns out to be unemployed?

The answer is yes it can no! why? with the emergence of this new technology means that new opportunities will emerge in a more creative sector, meaning that new opportunities will replace opportunities that are obsolete or become old habits before, for example above, many conventional stores have started to switch to the online market, or Have you ever imagined that delivery services and motorcycle taxis can become pioneers in the era of technology 4.0? yes because they are transforming and taking new opportunities.

In 2016, based on data from Kadin, it was noted that the Creative Economy contributed Rp. 1000 trillion to Indonesia’s GDP, which subsequently increased to Rp. 1105 trillion in 2018, as reported by Liputan 6

This is actually a potential, if taken to the maximum, the results will be extraordinary.


Have you ever imagined a video channel could be very popular nowadays? yes, that’s Youtube, on Youtube itself it doesn’t just happen, there is a role for technology behind it all, including Artificial Intelligence able to learn big data, imagine that every minute there are 400 hours of video uploaded as described in Creator Academy Youtube, just count how many days, how many years, without artificial intelligent technology in it, the videos will just be a meaningless pile and produce nothing. Meanwhile, Youtube itself has thought of everything by creating a system capable of processing data big data This is so that we are familiar with the interest-based adsense ads which are currently a big source of income for Google Inc.

Not only that, now if we see that there are a lot of jobs that use the Remote system, it means that the work doesn’t need to be done in the office, but can be done anywhere, for example product design, making information systems, editing documents, you can also collaborate on the internet. cloudAnd many others.

What to do?

So, by reflecting on the explanation above, Indonesia needs to prepare skilled human resources in the field of technology and industry so that they can compete not only at the national level, but even at the international level. So that they are not only workers but can grow new innovative jobs that can play a role in facing the demographic bonus period in the future.

The point here is that the government’s role is to provide full support by providing facilities that can encourage prospective HR candidates to be skilled at least having competence in the field of technology, because this is a basic provision in global competition.

What is your opinion? Speak in the Comments Box…


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