Excessive vaginal discharge can be an early sign of pregnancy, Mom

Jakarta – Every woman must have experienced vaginal discharge, yes, Mother. Vaginal discharge is a natural way for vaginal and cervical cells in a woman’s body to renew themselves.

Vaginal discharge is also normal. Mothers also need to know that vaginal discharge can also tell the condition of our body’s health, including whether there is an infection or hydration level. Not only that, an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge can even be a sign of pregnancy, you know, Mother.

Then, how to identify typical vaginal discharge in early pregnancy? Check out the discussion below, yes, Mother.

Mother, vaginal discharge is a normal substance that comes out of a person’s vagina. Well, this is a general term that includes any fluid (other than menstrual blood or urine) that is released from the vagina, both healthy and unhealthy, Mom.

Hormones make your cervix produce mucus. Shifts in your hormone levels can occur during certain phases of your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Furthermore, it can change the color, texture, and amount of poop.

Healthy vaginal discharge is generally clear or milky white and has a light smell, Mother.

Characteristics of vaginal discharge a sign of pregnancy

The vaginal discharge experienced by mothers cannot always be associated with pregnancy. But the characteristics of vaginal discharge that are a sign of pregnancy can be seen from a slight increase in the amount of vaginal discharge that comes out.

Pregnancy causes higher levels of estrogen, Moms. This causes the body to produce more fluid and increases blood flow to the uterus and vagina.

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This increased amount of vaginal discharge also helps protect the fetus by preventing external infections from traveling up from the vagina to the uterus. As pregnancy continues, you will continue to experience more vaginal discharge until you give birth.

The characteristics of vaginal discharge, a sign of pregnancy, can also be seen from its shape, Mother. Healthy vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea. Similar to everyday vaginal discharge, meaning that it is watery, clear or milky white in color, and has little or no odor.

Vaginal discharge usually occurs in the first trimester and throughout pregnancy. Apart from vaginal discharge, there are other signs of pregnancy, Mother. Click on the next page.

Check out the video about 9 signs of 2 months pregnant below:

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