Exciting Vacation at Senggigi Beach Lombok Attractions

Lombok Island has a variety of tourist attractions that offer beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful and prominent tourist objects in Lombok is Senggigi Beach. There are various things you can do while in this location. Keep reading this article to find out what is interesting in Senggigi.

Lombok is one of the islands included in the Nusa Tenggara Archipelago, precisely in the Province of West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok Island has a variety of charming tourist attractions, from Senggigi Beach, Mount Rinjani, to the Gili Islands.

If you want to relax on the beach with cheap entertainment facilities and easy access to the city, Senggigi Beach or Senggigi Beach is the right place for you to visit. The location of this tourist spot is only about 2.5 km from Mataram City.

Senggigi is a coastal area located in West Lombok Regency. This place was developed as a tourist attraction so there are many restaurants, hotels, beauty spas, and various tourist entertainment facilities. The atmosphere here feels like Kuta, but it’s quieter and quieter at night because there aren’t too many bars and nightclubs around.

Every year, this tourist attraction is always crowded with foreign and local tourists. The peak of most visitors usually occurs in December to February, especially during New Year’s celebrations or school holidays.

There are various interesting things that can be done at Senggigi Beach, Lombok. If you are planning a vacation to this place, it’s a good idea to listen to the following article so that your vacation will be more exciting.

Interesting Things to Do in Senggigi Area

1. Enjoying the Sunset

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The view of the sunset at Senggigi Beach Lombok is a beauty that is a pity to miss. Therefore, enjoy and capture this beautiful moment from the place with the best view.

If you are looking for the best location to enjoy the beauty of the sunset, Malimbu hill is the place you must visit. The location is only 10 km from the Senggigi Beach area. From the Malimbu hill, you can see Senggigi Beach and even the Gili Islands.

To reach this place, you can use a private vehicle. If you don’t bring your own vehicle, you don’t need to worry because in the Senggigi area there are many motorbike rentals. On this hill there are roasted corn sellers and traveling coffee sellers, so you can linger and have coffee in this place.

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2. Water Sports

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Senggigi is included in the south coast which is directly facing the Indian Ocean so it has a fairly high frequency of waves. But unlike the beaches in Jogja, there are no troughs around these waters. These two factors are the reasons why the Senggigi Beach tourist attraction in Lombok is one of the attractive places for beginner surfers.

If you can’t surf and want to give it a try, here you can take surfing lessons. But if you’re not interested, there are other water sports alternatives that are no less fun and easier, such as canoeing, kayaking, or body boarding. You can rent the water sports equipment at this place, with a price range of Rp. 15,000–Rp. 30,000.

3. Snorkeling

The clear sea water and underwater life are the selling points of beach tourism in Lombok, Senggigi Beach is no exception. If you can swim, trying to snorkel in this place is really fun.

In this place, you can rent snorkeling equipment at a relatively cheap price. For only IDR 50,000, you will get fins, masks, and snorkels to use to your heart’s content. However, when renting you will not be given a buoy, so you should be able to swim before trying to snorkel in this place.

The coral reefs in this place are not very diverse when compared to other dive spots such as the Gilis. However, these waters have the highest number and types of fish many of the other diving spots in Lombok. Several types of fish that can be found around Senggigi beach include butterfly fish, angel fish, anthias, moorish idol, and lion fish.

4. Visit Batu Bolong Temple

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Batu Bolong is a temple that was founded in 1533. This place is located not far from Senggigi Beach. You can visit it on foot for approximately 30 minutes or 5 minutes using a motorized vehicle.

The scenery in this temple is very beautiful and suitable for taking pictures. Here you can not only see views of the sea and beaches, but also views of Mount Agung on the island of Bali.

If you like fishing, bring your hook and fishing rod to this place. This temple is a very suitable place for fishing because one of the cliff positions is directly facing the sea.

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5. Enjoying Sate Bulayak

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After you are satisfied with playing in the water and taking pictures, you also have to take the time to try their special culinary. Well, one of the culinary specialties of Lombok, namely Sate Bulayak. You can find this satay on the right side of the Senggigi beach area.

Generally, sate bulayak is made from chicken or beef, but what makes it different from other satays is the peanut sauce seasoning and the presence of bulayak. Bulayak is rice cake wrapped in palm leaves, it tastes savory and soft. Meanwhile, the peanut sauce is made of ground peanuts that are ground and boiled with coconut milk, cumin, coriander, onions, and chilies. taste predominantly spicy.

You can find this savory and spicy satay in stalls located on the beach. So after being tired of swimming and snorkeling, you can eat delicious satay while drinking a glass of iced tea or iced coffee.

How to Get to Senggigi Beach Attractions

To reach this area is not difficult because there are many transportation options available until late at night. It’s just how you want to travel, by air or by sea. The quickest and easiest way is by air, but if you are the type of person who likes backpacker-style vacations, the sea and land routes are cheaper.

1. Private Vehicle

If you are from Java, to go to this location you must first go to Banyuwangi, to be precise to Ketapang Harbor. From Ketapang, cross by boat to Gilimanuk Harbor.

From Gilimanuk, continue the journey to Padang Bai Harbor. To reach Padang Bai, the route you can take is Negara – Denpasar – Padang Bai. After arriving at Padang Bai you have to take a boat to Sheet Harbor.

After getting off the ship at Lembar Harbor, you have to go to Mataram first. To go to Mataram City, you just need to follow Jalan Raya Lembar – Mataram to Tugu Giri Menang Town Square. Then take the westbound route to Jalan Gajah Mada, follow the road until you reach Mataram Square.

From Mataram Square, the next route you have to take is Jalan Majapahit – Yos Sudarso – Meninting – Senggigi. The travel time from Mataram Square is approximately 30 minutes.

During the trip, you can also enjoy the sea views that can be seen along Jalan Meninting to Senggigi. So, your trip will be very pleasant.

2. Public Transportation

If you travel by air, you will get off at Lombok International Airport. From here you can choose between taking an airport taxi or the Damri bus.

If you want to get there quickly, then you should take an airport taxi directly to Senggigi, but the price is quite expensive. You will be charged a fee of IDR 200,000 – IDR 300,000. If you want to be more economical, you can joint venture with other tourists who also aim to this beach.

Alternatively, you can take the Damri bus from Lombok International Airport. You can take the Damri route to Senggigi, which departs every two hours, at a cost of IDR 25,000. You can also take Damri to Mataram, then get off at Endean to transfer to public transportation to Senggigi.

If you depart from Java and want to take public transportation, you have to go to Ketapang Harbor first. You can take a bus to Banyuwangi or take a train to Banyuwangi. It will be easier if you take the train because the train station is right across from Ketapang Harbor.

After arriving in Banyuwangi, you have to take a boat to cross to Gilimanuk Harbor. The cost of crossing for one person using this ferry is around Rp. 6,500. Arriving at Gilimanuk, you can take a bus that goes to Denpasar Terminal or rent a taxi directly to Padang Bai Harbor.

After arriving at Padang Bai, you have to cross again by ferry to Sheet Harbor. The fare for the Padang Bai – Sheet crossing is IDR 46,000.

If you have arrived at Padang Bai, you just need to take public transportation to Senggigi. But public transportation to Senggigi from this place is only until 21.00 WIB. If you arrive after that, you should take a taxi or rent a vehicle.

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Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours Senggigi Beach Lombok

To enter the beach area you will not be charged. However, if you bring your vehicle, you will be charged a parking fee of Rp. 15,000 per car and Rp. 5,000 for motorbikes.

The beach area here is open 24 hours, so you can enter it at any time. However, the water sports equipment rental service and the information center are only open until 18.00 WIB.

Tips for Visiting Lombok Senggigi Beach Attractions

Senggigi is a tourist area that is almost always crowded by visitors to the island of Lombok because of its beautiful beaches, easy transportation access, and cheap lodging prices. This place is also often used as the location of various events, ranging from music festivals, culture, to religious ceremonies.

Vacationing in a cool and exciting place like this, it would be a shame if you can’t be satisfied to enjoy it. Before you decide to visit this place for a vacation, it’s a good idea to read some of the tips below so that your vacation will be satisfying.

  • If you plan to visit Senggigi Beach, you should come around April to September because the visitors are not too crowded and the weather is sunny.
  • If your budget is limited, rent an inn for the night first then you can move to a cheaper inn. Because, in this area there are many cheap inns that do not provide online bookings.
  • Bring sunscreen so that your skin does not get sunburned when playing in the sea.
  • If you want to do water sports but can’t swim, it’s a good idea to learn first. So you can play various water sports here.
  • If you want to travel through Bali, pay attention to your travel dates. Do not travel by land or sea during Nyepi because all transportation from Bali does not operate.

How? Interested in visiting this beautiful beach? Start managing your time from now on. Don’t forget to invite your friends and closest people to have fun together. Happy holiday!

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