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The Jakarta to Bali flight is one of the fatiest domestic routes in Indonesia. Garuda even has several schedules with large aircraft such as Boeing 777 or Airbus A330 for this route.

This time I tried water batik in business class. Actually the original ticket that my client bought was economy class. I tried to contact customer service if it could be upgraded to business class. They said yes, on the condition that I had to pay a fee of 700 thousand rupiah.

Hmm. Batik economy ticket at that time was around 1.3 million for Bali-Jakarta. If I add 700 thousand, it means the ticket price is 2 million rupiah. I checked Garuda at that time for the economy it was 1.9 million rupiah (mid December 2018). So, the price of a batik business class ticket is only 100 thousand different!

For Garuda business class? Well, there’s no need to ask. The price is close to 5 million rupiah!

But I still have the principle, “you get what you paid for.”

So let’s see how the business class water batik is.

Arriving at Denpasar airport, the check-in counter specifically for business class was empty, there was no queue.

The check-in clerk told me that at DPS there was no lounge for batik water. Wow, that’s a shame. I also had breakfast at the restaurant around the gate, even though the plan was to just have breakfast in the lounge to save money hehe.

My plane this time is a Boeing 737-900 with registration PK-LBH. Passengers board the aircraft not using the aerodrome. Passengers must descend on the side steps of the aerodrome and cross a little (and be heated) upon boarding the aircraft.

Even though the jetty is empty, why not use it? I purposely entered last so as not to heat up too long.

On the plane, I was given a welcome drink. The choice is mixed juice and water only.

There are twelve seats in business class. Configure 2-2 for all three lines. Certainly much wider than economy class.

I immediately checked this seat whether there was in-flight entertainment (IFE) or not. Luckily there are. Several times I took batik in economics, sometimes there was an IFE, sometimes there was not. Most airplanes with Airbus A320 do not have an IFE. For some reason.

I like the interior color of the water batik business class. Elegant light brown and cream color, classy feel.

Legroom feels quite relieved. Unfortunately the seat in front of me has a black box that will slightly block the legs of the chair next to me.

legroom batik air business

The seat can be reclined and there is a footrest and lumbar adjustment. I think these functions are electrically regulated. But it’s still an ordinary mechanic. But I can say this chair is very soft and comfortable.

IFE remote

When the doors began to close and the plane started taxiing on the runway, the cabin temperature was very hot like the air conditioner was not turning on. It’s also sometimes inconsistent, sometimes hot sometimes normal. The flight attendant also apologized for the inconvenience. It was only when the plane took off that the cabin temperature returned to normal.

The food served arrived. There are two choices: omelette or nasi liwet. Of course I chose rice, hehe. At first, the flight attendant gave me the wrong food, but what came instead was an omelette. Luckily I haven’t tasted it yet.

The liwet rice is delicious. The taste is just right, the chicken is not too dry though not too juicy. The chili sauce and fried potato are a winner!

liwet rice
omelette, wrong order came

There are brownies and bananas for desert. I ordered a cup of black coffee to accompany the brownies which tasted quite sweet but too dry. It looks like nastar haha! Luckily the chocolate taste is quite good.

I’m not really interested in watching movies on batik because it’s usually not updated. But for a flight of 1 hour 50 minutes, this is not a problem. I prefer to get my laptop out and get some work done.

The plane landed smoothly at Soekarno Hatta 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. I came out first. There is a special area for business class luggage, but I didn’t see any officers. Luckily my luggage came out first after the luggage belt started to move. Yes, the very first haha!

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the batik business class. Value for money is quite good. In my opinion, if the price is not much different from Garuda’s economy class, I will take this business class batik.

Thank You!


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