Experience Riding Genting Dream Cruise, Want to Know the Price?

Take a cruise or cruise ship can be a different and memorable vacation option. Curious, what’s it like to ride a cruise? How many price or cost which should be removed? What can you do on a cruise ship? read my experience on a cruise with Genting Dream Cruise.

The reason why you should try taking a cruise

The short answer is, take a cruise already get all-in experience. In a sense, you just pay, then get on this giant ship and sail for a few days, everything in it is complete.

There is the feel of a hotel, there is a restaurant, there is entertainment, there are shows, casinos, spas, there are many. When the ship docks in a city, you can join a tour to see attractions in that city.

That is the reason why cruises are popular, especially for couples, families, and also the elderly, because it is not complicated anymore and there is a lot of entertainment to be had.

at leastonce in your life you should try to ride a cruise.

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Experience Riding Genting Dream Cruise, Want to Know the Price?

Getting to know Genting Dream Cruise

Cruise ships that are on the rise and are popular among Indonesians are Dream Cruise. The company that oversees this cruise line has been operating since 1993, and is arguably a pioneer in the cruise business in the Asian region.

Dream Cruise was launched in 2016, with its first fleet of Genting Dream Cruise. New, 2017 second fleet, World Dream Cruise launched.

This cruise serves several routes around Asia, but the popular one for Indonesians and the one I’ve tried is route Singapore – Port Klang (Malaysia) – Singapore for 3 days 2 nights.

the palace suite genting dream cruise
Room type The Palace Suite

Genting Dream Cruise 3D2N Price (Singapore – Port Klang – Singapore)

The price of the Genting Dream Cruise package varies depending on the type of room you choose. The cheapest room price is interior type, followed by oceanview, balcony, and the most expensive is the suite type.

For 3D2N package with the route Singapore – Port Klang – Singapore, the price ranges from IDR 3 million – 10 million per person.

Check Genting Dream Cruise Package Prices on Klook

Experience Riding Genting Dream Cruise, Want to Know the Price?

This price includes:

  1. Accommodation according to the selected room type
  2. All you can eat eat and drink at a predetermined restaurant
  3. Access to shows and entertainment
  4. Port charge and tax

Prices do not include:

  1. Wi-fi – around SGD 9/night
  2. Personal expenses for other restaurants outside the package
  3. Shopping
  4. Tips

You can check routes, departure schedules, and also prices based on room type directly on the official website. Do not forget bring passport yes.

Update (December 2020): Due to the Covid-19 situation, currently Genting Dream Cruise only serves passengers from Singapore and only leans in Singapore.

Genting dream cruise type balcony room
Balcony room type at Genting Dream Cruise

Experience riding a Genting Dream Cruise, what activities and entertainment can you enjoy?

I’ve been on Genting Dream Cruise twice. This time I want to tell youExperience riding a Genting Dream Cruise for 3 days 2 nights with the route Singapore – Port Klang – Singapore.

This trip is very special, why? Because I went on a cruise with cool influencers, there were top Indonesian travel bloggers, youtubers, tv-hosts, and celebrities too. It’s great!

dream cruise precarious experience
With friends on a cruise

This cruise ship departs from Marina Bay Cruise Center. From a distance it only looks like a ship leaning against it, but up close you will be amazed by the size of the ship which is as big as a building.

The procedure is more or less checking in, passing immigration and custom clearance, keep going. I got a balcony type room, quite spacious.

The mattress is comfortable, there is a sofa to relax, just like staying in a hotel. In this room there is also a balcony to watch the sunset. It’s time to explore Genting Dream Cruise.

Check Genting Dream Cruise Package Prices on Klook

Experience Riding Genting Dream Cruise, Want to Know the Price?

Here are fun activities and entertainment that you can do on Genting Dream Cruise:

1. Restaurants on Genting Dream Cruise

Before getting on the cruise, my friend said. Weigh the weight first when you go home and weigh it again, you will be surprised. Right on. There are many types of food on board, from Asian Food to Western Food.

There are 2 restaurants included in the package, namely Lido Restaurant and Dream Dining Room. So if you want breakfast, lunch, dinner, you can come here to eat as much as you want.

Lido Restaurant is more of a buffet style while Dream Dining Room serves Chinese Food.

Besides that, there are also other restaurants that you can try, but you have to pay with your own money, such as Hotpot, Bistro by Mark Best, Blue Lagoon, and Umi Uma.

blue lagoon genting dream restaurant
Blue Lagoon Restaurant

If asked which restaurant I like the most, it seems I will choose Bistro by Mark Best and Uma Uma. Dishes at Bistro by Mark Best really fine dining.

I try tenderloin steakits really soft and savory. When tasting dessert-his, matcha mousseonce in the mouth it melts.

bistro by mark best genting
Tenderloin Steak Bistro by Mark Best

If Umi UmaFrom the name, you can already guess that this restaurant serves Japanese-style food. means there is sushi, sashimi, bento, udon,

The highlight of this restaurant is teppanyaki show. You sit directly in front of the chef who nimbly performs entertaining tricks such as throwing eggs, singing and dancing. The atmosphere is really fun.

uma umi restaurant
Bento box at Uma Umi Restaurant
uma umi restaurant genting dream
Teppanyaki Show

2. Zodiac Theater

Every night there will be a show scheduled at Zodiac Theater. With their glittering outfits and stage, the talented performers will amaze you with their dancing skills and acrobatic moves.

Voyage of the Lovers Dream is one of the must-see shows on Genting Dream Cruise. This show will take you into the fantasy world of a unique love story between a mermaid and an astronaut.

Check Genting Dream Cruise Package Prices on Klook

Experience Riding Genting Dream Cruise, Want to Know the Price?

Coincidentally when I was there there was also a special show China’s Got Talent which was held at the Zodiac Theater as well. The attractions make the heart beat.

The last time I watched a cool show like this was at a tourist attraction in Macau, to be precise at City of Dreams.

Voyage of the Dream on Genting Dream Cruise
china got talent zodiac theater
China Got Talent at Zodiac Theater

3. The Bridge Tour

Experience what it’s like to be a ship captain with The Bridge Tour. The Bridge is the most important area on a ship, where the captain and his officers control and ensure that the ship sails safely at sea.

The crew, as guides will explain how to see the numbers on the screen that tell the depth of the sea, speed, etc. You can also chat with the friendly ship crew.

The Bridge Tour

4. Pool area and sportplex

Pool area and sportplex always busy during the day. There are always activities prepared by the crew such as games, aerobics, and more. There is a basketball court on board too!

You can try wall-climbing or flying fox. Flying fox was one of my best experiences on the boat, very stressful.

Imagine doing zip-lining from one end to the other over the high seas, with a height of almost 35 meters.

genting cruise play area
Play area deck

5. Crystal Life Fitness and Spa

I have a one hour massage try here at Crystal Life Spa. The appearance of the furniture, decorations, and color choices are excellent.

Before entering the room, I was given a form and I could choose which body part to pay more attention to later, I chose the neck and shoulders, my favorite areas.

Check Genting Dream Cruise Package Prices on Klook

Experience Riding Genting Dream Cruise, Want to Know the Price?

A full body massage starts from the back, works down to the feet, and ends with a head massage. The staff was very attentive and asked if his strength was enough. I fell asleep not long before the massage was over.

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Crystal Life Spa

6. Bar Hopping!

Need a little alcohol to relax yourself more? There are bars in every corner of Genting Dream Cruise. If you want to drink while basking in the sun, Pool Deck Bar or Sun Deck Bar is the right place.

Champagne lover? Just take it Bubbles Champagne Bar. There are also Johnny Walker House with the beautiful Whiskey Constellation Wall.

bar in genting dream cruise
Johnny Walker House

7. Zouk Club and Zouk Beach Club

It turns out that on Genting Dream Cruise there is my favorite club, Zouk. In the past, when I lived in Kuala Lumpur, there were often parties at Zouk. So remember the old days.

The DJ is cool, the laser light is cool, the Zouk standard is really good. If you want to relax, you can go to the next room to play bowling or billiards. One of the unforgettable Genting Dream Cruise experiences.

zouk club genting cruise
Zouk Club Genting Dream Cruise

8. Genting Casino

Who knows if you want to try your luck by playing at the roulette machine or at the casino table. If I’m rarely lucky, I don’t try the casino haha.

Check Genting Dream Cruise Package Prices on Klook

Experience Riding Genting Dream Cruise, Want to Know the Price?

9. Party and fireworks

Last night was really great! Everyone at the party, flash mob near the pool. Whether it’s adults or children, following the crew’s movements on stage.

Of course, I’m also dancing. At the end of the event there were fireworks, it was very lively!

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dream cruise roofing experience
Fireworks on the last night


Can’t believe 3 days have passed. Hopefully on another occasion I can try another Dream Cruise route, maybe Hong Kong or Japan.

Wanna try too sister cruise-his, World Dream Cruise. Thank you very much friends who have enlivened. Experience aboard the Genting Dream Cruise I really won’t forget it. Try it too!

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