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During a trip to Japan last fall 2017, I tried to take an airline from Japan, Japan Airlines. I’ll try to review a little yes.

Japan Airlines flight schedule from Jakarta to Tokyo is twice a day. The first is at 06.45 in the morning with a boeing 767. The second is at 21:25 with a boeing 787.

I always fly with a night schedule when I go to Japan. Of course because of considerations of time to save. After all, it’s good that this seven-hour flight doesn’t feel good because we can sleep!

Plus, tonight’s schedule is the Dreamliner 787, my favorite for long-haul flights. It’s more spacious, the engine is less noisy in the cabin, and the side mirrors are very large.

For this flight, I happened to use premium economy. So facilities such as food are still economy class, but the seats are like business class!

I didn’t take many photos when I left, because it was quite late and I fell asleep right away. Cabin lights were also dimmed after dinner. But I did take some photos using my cellphone camera.

Japan Airlines premium economy class seats

The difference between seats in ordinary economy class is quite clear. Because when I fly home I use ordinary economy, so I can compare.

Legroom in the premium economy class is much more spacious. Similar to domestic route business class in Indonesia if I may say so. You can freely stretch your legs without hitting the chair in front of you. There is a reading light on the side and a little partition at the head for privacy.

The seat configuration is 2-3-2 on the Boeing 787 large body aircraft. For economy class the configuration is 2-4-2. Of course this is more comfortable than some airlines that choose 3-3-3.

The size of the table is wider so for those of you who want to work with a laptop it is very comfortable.

Another difference is in the headphones for in-flight entertainment. Headphones in premium economy are large in size. type closed headphones so the outside sound can be quite muffled. The sound is crisp and the bass kicks in. Unlike the economy class, I don’t need to explain, hihi.

For food, you can order halal when booking a return flight from Tokyo to Jakarta. Because the food for JAL flights from Jakarta to Tokyo has been confirmed to be halal. Another advantage besides you being a Muslim can be calm, you will definitely be able to eat first than the others hehe. It’s the same if you order special meal others such as vegetarian food.

But there is one thing that I love for JAL is the eating schedule that is not right in my opinion. So after take off at night, passengers are served a big meal.

In my opinion, since it was already 9pm, most of them would have already eaten dinner. Then in the morning there are only small meals and no big breakfast. Luckily the flight attendants were often back and forth offering drinks. My advice is to reverse the meal schedule or provide a large meal for both.

The food is quite tasty and complete in my opinion. That night I ate noodles with chicken. The noodles are not overcook and the chicken is still juicy. There were sliced ​​apples and a salad along with two yakults. The drink has a choice of wine too if you can drink it.

I can’t believe it finally arrived in Japan. For my story in Japan, you can read my post below.

Now moving on to the return flight from Tokyo to Jakarta, okay? The flight is scheduled for 10.50pm. But unfortunately because there was a typhoon in Tokyo, all flights were delayed.

Narita Airport
prayer room

After buying some souvenirs at the airport, which is like a mall, I went to the Sakura Lounge, the signature lounge Japan Airlines to wait for the plane.

Oh yes, at Narita airport there is also a prayer room in the departure area as I saw at Haneda airport. So for those of you who pray, it’s not a problem.

The lounge is quite big. There are three floors. Top floor for buffet dining. While the first and second floors are areas for relaxing. There are snacks and drinks on every floor.

The atmosphere is quite cozy. The tones are warm due to the light color of the yellowish brown. From this Lounge we can see directly the plane apron.

Dining area

Japan is famous for its punctuality. Including the airline. The time of departure on the boarding pass says 21.25, yes really at 21.25 he takes off. However, due to natural conditions, my return flight to Jakarta seems to have been postponed.

Because the delay was more than three hours, I was given a meal coupon of 1500 yen (approximately 180 thousand rupiah) which can be exchanged at all restaurants within the airport. Wow, usually if there is a delay due to a natural disaster, the airline is not obliged to provide compensation, right?

I went straight to yoshinoya and ordered a set menu of rice plus unagi which costs just 1500 yen haha!

Voucher because of delay
Halal chicken curry rice

Since it was a daytime flight, of course I chose to work rather than just sleep. The seats in this economy are even narrower than the class premium economy Previously, I was still working with a 15-inch MacBook Air laptop.

I also tried inflight wifi which costs USD 18.8 for 24 hours or USD 10.15 for one hour. For domestic flights, this inflight wifi is a free facility!

The wifi speed is quite decent for the size of the internet inflight. I can open Instagram and update Instagram stories even though I have to try many times. Because when passing through certain areas sometimes the signal is lost. Sometimes the signal is so fast that you can stream youtube. Naturally, at this speed of 950 km / h. But chat apps like WhatsApp, of course, run smoothly.

Economy cabin

So, do I recommend Japan Airlines for flights to Japan? Of course! Hopefully, at the next Japan travel fair, the price of Japan Airlines can be a great promo, hihi!


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