Expert Advice for Quality & Satisfying Sex When You Have Toddlers


When you have toddlers, Mom and Dad may rarely enjoy quality time both, including making love. Sex even so not of quality and unsatisfactory.

The quality of sexual relations between husband and wife has decreased for many reasons, Mother. It could be tired from daily routines, or haunted by fear if suddenly your little one wakes up when Mom and Dad are ‘ahem’.

The anti-aging doctor who is also a sexologist, dr.Haekal Anshari, M.Biomed (AAM), explained that there are three important steps that a married couple must take in order to achieve a sexual relationship that satisfies both of them.

“It takes three stages to be perfect, namely foreplay, intercourse, and afterplay,” Doctor Haekal explained, quoted from Instagram @dr.haekalanshari.

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According to him, women need foreplay good for optimal stimulation. This is marked by the discharge of vaginal lubrication fluid, Mother. Foreplay It also helps men achieve and maintain optimal erections.

In the second stage, there are a number of important factors that act as ‘nutrition’ intercourse for mutual enjoyment. Among other things, a firm and optimal erection of men and optimal vaginal lubrication of women.

dr. Haekal Ansari, M. Biomed (AAM)dr.Haekal Anshari, M.Biomed (AAM)/ Photo: Doc. Personal

Then after we both achieve orgasm, Haekal’s doctor suggested, Mom and Dad don’t go to bed right away. He said, afterplay is a session of couples enjoying togetherness after reaching the climax of pleasure.

“A good process will not betray the results,” said doctor Haekal.

Hmmm… When you have toddlers, it’s difficult to do the three stages of sexual intercourse above. Do you want to know, what are the tips so that sex remains quality and satisfying, without anxiety?

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