Explanation What is Neo Frontier Universe in Ultraman

Several decades ago, the Ultraman franchise had experienced a period of vacuum showing on Japanese television and switched to other mediums. But in 1995, Tsuburaya announced Ultraman Tiga which would be the first Ultraman to re-air on Japanese television.

At that time, they introduced a new universe called the Neo Frontier Space Universe. If based on the Ultraman world, what is the Neo Frontier Universe? Is it still in the same universe as the previous Ultra Series?

In this article, we will introduce the Neo Frontier Space Universe, considering that the current Ultraman series (Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga) has made this universe a topic of conversation again. Curious? Come on, let’s just look at the discussion.

World ‘Alternative’ From Ultra Showa

Ultraman Showa |  Tsuburaya Productions
Ultraman Showa | Tsuburaya Productions

Until now, the exact location of the Neo Frontier Universe is unknown. However, what we know is that the setting of this Universe is different from the Universe in the Ultraman series that aired in the Showa era (Ultraman 1966 to Ultraman 80s).


Ultramans that aired in that time frame mostly came from the Land of Light Universe, except for Ultraman Leo who came from planet L77 (but still in the same universe as the Ultras in the Showa era).

Ultra Creatures Are a Race of Ancient Giants

Ancient Giants |  Tsuburaya Productions
Giants | Tsuburaya Productions

Due to the different universe from Ultraman of the Showa era, Ultramans such as Ultraseven, Ultraman Taro, and others do not exist in the Neo Frontier Space Universe.

In this Universe, Ultra beings are a race of Ancient Giants who have long inhabited planet Earth. They are just like humans who have good and evil qualities. Several times war broke out involving fellow Ancient Giants race.


this universe, the earth is even said to have a civilization that is really very advanced compared to the Ultraman Showa universe and other universes introduced after it.

Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna Background Story

Universe Neo Frontier Ultraman |  Tsuburaya Productions

The introduction of the Neo Frontier Space Universe aims to revitalize the Ultraman franchise, which had sleep in a long time. Ultraman 80s became the Ultra series produced by Tsuburaya which last aired on Japanese television.


this ambitious project, they made the Ultraman Tiga series which was first introduced as an Ultra from the universe. A year later, Tsuburaya aired Ultraman Dyna which was an indirect sequel to Ultraman Tiga.

Now. That’s a brief introduction to the Neo Frontier Space Universe. Any ideas on what other Ultraman universe we’re going to cover next? if there is a comment below yes.

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