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The Argo Muria train to Cirebon that I was riding left at exactly seven in the morning from Gambir Station. No more no less.

The trip this time was a little different. I’m going to visit a petroleum rig site! In order to know exactly how the Pertamax to Pertamax Turbo can reach the tank of our vehicle.

Executive train Argo Muria

For those who rarely ride the train, here’s a little update: Trains are really cool now! The Executive Class I ride legroomshe was incredibly relieved. Super comfortable chair to sleep on. The power plug works fine. Clean toilets. Safety instructions and equipment are adequate.

But there’s only one thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning: The fried rice isn’t that good and it’s relatively expensive, haha!

Two and a half hours later, I arrived in Cirebon city. Ci means water. Rebon means shrimp. But what I’m looking for is the empal gentong, tofu gejrot, and of course the jamblang rice with the delicious black ink squid.

But the food will come first. Let’s have some fun where Pertamax Turbo is made!

Complete safety equipment

The place I visited this time was Pertamina EP asset 3. One of Pertamina’s subsidiaries. EP stands for Production Exploration. It is located in the Jatibarang area, Indramayu Regency.

As its abbreviation, EP3 is an upstream oil company whose job is to explore and produce oil, gas, and geothermal.

Discuss with oil engineers

To process crude oil into fuel such as Pertamax or Pertamax Turbo, this is the job of RU VI Balongan. RU stands for Refinery Unit, or Processing Unit. RU is not far from EP.

What is the difference between Pertalite, Pertamax, and Pertamax Turbo? The difference is in the number of Octane. For example, Pertamax has an octane of 92. Pertamax Turbo has an octane of 98. The octane number shows how much pressure can be given before the gasoline burns spontaneously.

The higher the octane we use, the better and more efficient the performance of the engine that burns it. So use the Octane according to your engine specifications. Using a lower octane than it should actually make the engine not optimal and not durable.

At first we wanted it to be cheap, but it becomes expensive if we calculate it for the long term. After all, if your car is a BMW 5 series, do you still want to fill it with subsidized gasoline? Shame on you!

Mamang coolie is macul

When we enter the EP site, personal protective equipment (PPE) must be fully installed. Starting from the clothes plus pants that become one, safety helmet, safety bootand safety glasses.

We are always briefed before doing anything in this place. Even just a meeting in the building though. There should be a demonstration of the safety features of the building. So if something goes wrong, we don’t panic and are ready to save ourselves.

Like every time you enter a plane, you will definitely be briefed by the flight attendant on how to use safety equipment if there is an emergency.

It’s nothing. But safety first it’s mandatory. And at Pertamina, this is fardu ‘ain. No compromise. No accident is the tagline while working here.

RU VI Balongan at night

This is RU VI Balongan which is started operating in 1994. This refinery processes crude oil into products for fuel oil (BBM), non-fuel, and petrochemicals.

This RU has an important role, namely as the holder of the security of fuel supply that affects economic activities in the Jakarta, Banten, West Java and surrounding areas.

This is the first refinery in Indonesia to produce environmentally friendly fuels such as Pertamax, Pertamina DEX and Pertamax Turbo. Because we love TURBO. Wait, this is not uncle Mobi’s youtube channel. But I like his channel a lot! :))

Seeing the activities of the engineers here working hot and with a fairly high risk, I just found out that drilling the earth to extract oil is not an easy job.

If you think about it, it’s only natural that the compensation for working in the oil sector is higher than in a normal office. Sometimes life is at stake.

Therefore, save the energy that you use every day. If you can still take public transportation, use it. If you can walk to the front of the complex to just buy a ketoprak, then walk. Also use the right octane for the engine to be efficient and durable!

One of the partners from Pertamina

RU VI Balongan also has social and environmental responsibility activities for sustainable development sustainable through concrete actions to plant and rehabilitate mangroves at Karangsong Beach, Indramayu.

Before stopping at a mangrove tourist spot, we also had time to visit the Independent House. A forum for collaborating on cultural and industrial development in the Indramayu area.

Processed products from Mangroves

In an independent house, there are many processed mangroves that we can enjoy. I just found out that this mangrove fruit can be processed into syrup, lunkhead, peanuts, and soy sauce!

Mangrove juice drink also tastes very refreshing. It tastes almost like ginger!

We passed many boats under construction. Similar to Bulukumba, South Sulawesi where there are many ship craftsmen. The difference is that the phinisi are complex in shape, have two masts and seven sails and are painted plain, here the ships are made in a simpler shape and have a motif similar to the back of a truck.

Like the writing, ‘I’m waiting for your widow’ with a picture of a woman who is worried with dangdut colors. But not all of them, in fact, many have anime character motifs.

Karangsong beach mangrove conservation activities began in 2010, when the results of a field survey found coastal damage due to abrasion.

This makes Pertamina to take an active role in conserving mangroves on Karangsong Beach through the Pertamina Hijau CSR program.

More than 15,000 mangrove trees have been planted since 2010 and its success has encouraged other parties to participate in the program.

Mangroves are planted on the shoreline, this one is still small

The Karangsong Village Beach area which is also known as the Karangsong Mangrove Ecosystem Center offers various activities that can be enjoyed by the community.

Activities that can be followed by the people of Indramayu, for example, are planting mangroves, mangrove workshops, culinary classes, to entertainment stages and bazaars.

In addition to planting mangroves, people outside Indramayu can also experience traveling around the Mangrove Ecotourism area by boat or on foot like us below.

Wooden path to walk through the Mangrove forest line
From the Karangsong Mangrove Forest View Tower

After becoming a tourist location, Mangrove Karangsong apart from being a place to take pictures, it is also expected to be a means of education for the community about the importance of maintaining the mangrove ecosystem. Preventing coastal erosion/abrasion, preventing sea water intrusion, as a natural organic waste decomposer, are a small part of the benefits of mangroves.

That’s all for my walk around this oil and fuel processing plant, then let’s take a walk to the city of Cirebon!

Jamblang rice where is jamblang rice…….

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