Exploring Aling-Aling, Sekumpul, and Gitgit Waterfalls in North Bali

Tourist attractions in Bali will not run out to be visited. On this occasion I visit several waterfalls in Bali which are located in Singaraja, North Bali, namely Aling-aling waterfall, Sekumpul waterfall, and Gitgit waterfall.

The main reason why I keep coming back to Bali is actually simple. It’s not enough to see the beauty on offer.

There are still many areas that I have not visited, beaches I have never seen, or villages that I also want to visit.

Besides that, I like the atmosphere in Bali. Friendly locals, delicious food, and also how easy it is if you want to play on a hidden beach in Bali.

It turns out that besides the beaches in Bali, there are also many beautiful waterfalls. Well, besides the three waterfalls that I will mention below, there are many more of my favorite waterfalls in Bali such as Tukad Cepung, Tibumana, and Banyumala.

Because it happened to be in line, so I rode for two days and one night to these three waterfalls, namely: Gitgit waterfall, Aling-aling waterfall, and Sekumpul waterfall.

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croya waterfall
I’m at the Kroya waterfall

First stop, Gitgit waterfalls

Early in the morning we started our journey by motorbike from Seminyak and drove to the area Singaraja which is located about 2 hours drive. The weather is quite good, the sun is not too hot.

I observed the activities of the locals in the morning and the surrounding scenery. The closer to Singaraja, the scenery also changes and the air is getting colder.

We rode through winding roads and shady trees on either side of the road until we saw the sign Gitgit waterfall.

We entered a small road into the village, then asked a local person where to park a motorbike. The journey continues by walking to the waterfall area.

Because we arrived quite early, there were no other visitors so we could enjoy the waterfall with satisfaction.

bitten bali
Gitgit waterfall

First I tried to put my toe in the water to test the temperature of the water. Really cold! I ventured to plunge into the waterfall, it feels so fresh!

Gitgit waterfall is not too high but the water flow is quite heavy. It takes patience to take good photos, especially when the water splashes onto the camera.

Very beautiful morning. The sunlight tried to penetrate the leaves but there were too many trees to cast shadows.

It turns out that there are two waterfalls named Gitgit in this area. I’m not sure if this is the first or the second. We returned to the motorbike and went straight to the inn that we had booked near the Aling-aling waterfall.

Second stop, Aling-aling waterfall

After arriving at the inn we just relaxed on the first day. The next day, with the same strategy, get up early to avoid the crowds.

We are heading to the area Aling-aling waterfall. Got lost because there was no sign board.

The parking area is on the side of the road. On foot we passed a beautiful garden. Many colorful flowers decorate this area.

Of the three waterfalls that I visited, I liked the area around the Aling-aling waterfall the most.

Exploring Aling-Aling, Sekumpul, and Gitgit Waterfalls in North Bali
Beautiful flowers in the Aling-aling area

In this area it turns out that there are several other waterfalls besides Aling-aling, namely Kroya waterfall and Twin waterfalls. First we were trekking to the Aling-aling waterfall.

The water flow is very strong so swimming is not allowed.

Aling Aling Bali Waterfall
Aling-aling waterfall

Not lingering at the waterfall, we went down to the next waterfall which was only a few meters away from me, the Kroya waterfall. At the Kroya waterfall there is a jumping point.

My friend was getting ready to jump but a guard appeared and said if you want to jump you have to pay IDR 100,000. Hah?! That’s right. “Can you swim or not?”, I asked. “You have to pay too,” replied the mas.

My mood immediately changed. Do you have to pay for the entrance ticket, still have to pay more to swim? Nature does not belong to certain people.

I can still understand if I pay that price to rent headgear, protective jackets, and other items.

Bali twin waterfalls
Twin Falls

But if you just have to swim, you have to pay, I really except. The mas turned out to be good, he said if you wanted to swim, you could go to the other waterfall below so the other guards wouldn’t see it and ask for money.

Well, what can I do, I’m not in the mood to swim anymore. Better to swim in the villa pool.

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Third stop, Sekumpul waterfalls

The last waterfall we went to was Sekumpul waterfalls. The location of the waterfall is a bit hidden. From the main road, still have to drive through a small road with hills going up and down.

Finally arrived at the parking lot but still have to walk about half an hour down to the waterfall. The trail starts through the countryside and plantations. Again we were confused because there was no road sign.

We arrived at the registration post and paid for the entrance ticket. We slowly descended the steep stairs. Sekumpul waterfalls are huge. The surroundings are shady and full of greenery.

sekumpul bali waterfall
Sekumpul waterfalls

I can’t wait to jump right in. It’s quite difficult to open your eyes because of the loud splashes of water but the view is extraordinary. Just like the Aling-aling waterfall area, in the Sekumpul area there are also several other waterfalls.

After we were satisfied swimming at Sekumpul waterfalls, we headed to the waterfall on the left. There is no one in this waterfall, only me and my friend enjoying a very exciting experience.

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waterfall next to a collection
Waterfall next to Sekumpul

Still many waterfalls in Bali which I want to explore. If you go to Bali, you really have to visit tourism Aling-aling waterfall, Gitgit waterfalland Sekumpul waterfalls. Have a good time!

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