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someone, somewhere at Sayang heulang

The sun had not yet come, and my eyes still felt heavy from not sleeping on the five-hour motorized journey last night. But hearing the sound of the waves crashing on the coast, and the desire to see the sunrise, attracted me and some friends to walk along the streets at the end of this Pameungpeuk village.

Sayang Heulang Beach, which we were going to, now stretches out in front of me. On my right, rocks washed by small waves stood welcoming. On my left until far away, lay a very quiet beach. In the distance, white mist seemed to be billowing over the crashing waves, adding to the mystical atmosphere that morning.

Slowly the warm sun brushed the mist in the distance. The sun appeared, huge. The sound of the waves crashing with the sound shutter The camera breaks the silence of the morning.

Sunrise Hunting in Sayang Heulang

As a photography lover, especially photography landscapesometimes I don’t need a reason to traveling. Or maybe there are too many reasons to tell, so the moments when a tinge of red emerges from the horizon always makes the hairs of my neck shudder.

“I urge the students, don’t be lulled by the beauty of nature, take good care of yourself because the waves on the beach often take their toll,” the Pameungpeuk village secretary urged in his thick Sundanese accent, when we asked for permission to set up a tent.

You know, the waves in Sayang Heulang and Santolo are indeed big because they are on the edge of the Indian Ocean, still in the territory of Nyai Roro Kidul.

Satisfied with the sunrise show at Sayang Heulang, we headed west to go to Santolo beach. Not far, only half an hour on foot we have arrived there.

Santolo white sand beach

The sand is white and soft. Maybe much better than Kuta or Sanur beaches. There are no big rocks around the beach. Swim? Highly not recommended, undo your intention if you want to play with the South coast. Just take a walk enjoying the soft white sand accompanied by the afternoon sun, that would make your day.

If you are a seafood lover, Pameungpeuk is the right place! Maybe because it is close to the sea, and visitors are not too crowded, the price of seafood here is relatively very cheap. In fact, the price of fresh young coconut is only IDR 2500 here.

View from Guha Peak

From Santolo, take yourself further west. About 25 kilometers, the exotic Rancabuaya coral beach awaits.

However, before arriving at Rancabuaya, take the time to visit Guha Peak. From a romantic place Kugy and Keenan In this paper Boat by Dee, we can see the expanse of the ocean on the coast of Garut. Under the cliff, we can also see a lot of bats.

The silence at the top of the cave made me close, trying to enjoy every breath I took. Indeed, there is an undeniable exoticism there.

Expanse of coral in Rancabuaya

It was getting late, we continued our journey to Rancabuaya beach. Unlike Santolo which has white sand, Rancabuaya shows its charm with a stretch of coral rocks. Before high tide, many fishermen look for seaweed on the sidelines of the reef in the afternoon.

Believe me, the sunset at Rancabuaya is really cool. At least, of all the beaches I’ve been to, this is one of the best!

Not long after, the shutter sound came back. I enjoy the sunset from behind viewfinderhoping to capture a little of the beauty of the Creator’s painting.

Red tinge from Rancabuaya

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