Eye Makeup Tutorial Videos to Beautify Your Eyes

Are you a beginner in makeup and want to look good in front of your girlfriend? On this occasion, we will discuss tutorials make up eyes to make your gaze even sweeter. Some of the tutorials that will be discussed are equipped with videos to make it easier for you to apply them at home.

Are you a girl who wants to know how to make your eyes sparkle and dazzle? Here, you can get tutorials make up eyes to make your eyes more beautiful.

Apart from being a sense of sight, eyes can also give an attractive impression on the face. Some people do have beautiful eyes from the moment they are born. However, not everyone is so lucky, so here are some tricks to make the gaze even more assertive and beautiful.

If you want to look more beautiful in some events such as birthday parties or weddings, you can learn tutorials make up the following eyes. Don’t worry about being wrong, because the explanation is in the form of a video that will make it easier for you to imitate.

It is also possible for those of you who are just learning to apply makeup. The video that we have compiled is very simple and suitable for beginners. Come on, let’s go check!

1. How to Make Up Eyes with Eyeshadow

Source: YouTube – Sawitri Murwani

Video tutorials make up This eye is very suitable for beginners who are just learning to make up. What is explained in this video are the most basic things you need to pay attention to when using eyeshadow.

The tools that need to be prepared are eyeshadow palette neutral color, blending brushand primary eyeshadow. If you don’t have primary eyeshadowyou can replace it with concealer cream or liquid.

The first step is to apply concealer on your eyelids. Gently smooth with ring finger because the area is very wrinkled. Next, then start creating palettes eyeshadow-your.

Don’t forget to tap blending brush after dipping it on palette so that the advantages powder wasted and did not fall in your eyes. Knocking blending brush this is a habit that signifies a woman’s skill in dressing up.

Choose the color you like or you want to decorate your sense of sight. For starters, it’s a good idea to imitate what is explained in this video. Happy watching and learning.

2. Easy Eyeliner Tutorial

Source: YouTube – Nadya Aqilla

The next video is tips on using eyeliner easily. These tips are also very suitable for beginners in the world of women’s makeup.

The first tip is to use eyeliner after eyeshadow and before mascara. This is done so that in the application eyeliner less difficult and more flexible. Second, wear eyeliner as close as possible to the area where the eyelashes grow.

The most basic technique and need to be considered for beginners is how to hold eyeliner. When applying it, place your fingers on your cheeks. Its purpose is as a holder to make it easier and more precise.

You can also learn to make wing yourself by listening to the explanation of this video. Keep learning to get used to it and start being creative as you like. However, in experimenting, adjust it to the shape of your eyes so that it fits and is sweet.

Improve your makeup. Don’t stop trying and learning. Good luck.

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3. Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Source: YouTube – tasya farasya

Smokey eyes is eye makeup that emphasizes the use of dark colors. The goal is to create a dramatic but still beautiful effect. If you are looking for tutorials make up big eyes, maybe this video is for you.

This makeup is quite popular and much liked by women, both teenagers and parents. With this effect, the beauty and highlights of your eyes will be more assertive and memorable. If you want to try it, you can watch this video to the end.

The first tip is to use a thin layer of powder at the bottom of your eye bags. The goal is when powder falling black can be easier to clean.

Once ready, apply concealer first gently. Then, start with the lightest transition color first. Increase the color of the transition for effect smokey eyes can be sweet and not like panda eyes.

For more details, just watch this YouTube video to the end. Take the time to watch while trying it yourself.

4. Slanted Eye Makeup Tutorial

Source: YouTube – SKWAD Beauty

The last is a tutorial for those of you who have slanted eyes or monolid. Actually, it doesn’t matter, what shape our eyes want. However, sometimes you definitely want your eyes to look bigger.

You can create the illusion that your eyes can appear a little bigger. So don’t be in a hurry to feel inferior and baper to have slanted eyes. You can look cool and confident when you come to a wedding, or attend other formal events with this makeup.

As in previous videos, using eyeliner and eyeshadow is something that cannot be forgotten. The thing that must be considered so that the eye shape looks rounder and bigger is the use of mascara and false eyelashes. Its function is to create the impression of large eyes because the hair is also large.

Just take a look and try this tutorial. Hope it helps you to be different.

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Start Learning and Trying

Those are the videos that can be an inspiration in dressing up. By studying tutorials make up With these eyes and eyebrows, you will become a woman who is good at preening. Do not be afraid and lazy to try new creations.

Hopefully this article is useful and can add to your insight into the world of beauty. Visit other articles on this site. There is still a lot of interesting and informative content for you.

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