Ezra Miller Hugs Nora Allen In BTS Photo The Flash

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Nora Allen (Maribel Verdú) look happy in this behind-the-scenes photo of The Flash.

2022 will be the year fans will witness Ezra Miller’s solo adventures as The Flash. The film has been in development for years and has undergone several director changes. Now The Flash has been produced under the direction of director Andy Muschietti.

The Flash Movie Details

the flash DC fandome trailer
The Flash Trailer | Warner Bros. Pictures

While much remains under wraps, the upcoming film will adapt the iconic story from Flashpoint. In the comics, the Flash uses the power of speed force to travel to the past and prevent the murder of his mother, Nora Allen.

Even though he managed to stop it, there was a big cost to bear. Because Nora Allen is still alive, everything changes and opens the DC multiverse. Therefore, The Flash will feature a series of popular DC superheroes such as Supergirl (Sashe Calle) and also 2 versions of Batman (Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck.

The Scene Photos The Flash

In addition to the return of the two versions of Batman, the upcoming film will also feature another supporting role, namely Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen. And recently Verdú shared a behind-the-scenes photo while filming The Flash.

Nora Allen The Flash
Verd and Ezra Miller | screenrant

Shared on an Instagram story, the photo shows Verdú hugging Miller. This certainly gives fans an idea of ​​how close Nora and Barry Allen are.

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