Facebook Shortcut Keyboard Keys for Easy User

Actually, if we open a Facebook account via a computer or laptop, there are shortcut keys that can be used to make user activities easier and of course faster in saving time. This is rarely known because it can be said as a secret shortcut in facebook. Why does not everyone know because it is not directly listed on the facebook web display what are the keyboard codes to do certain things. Surely we are curious right, to be able to do it?

So not only windows that have the use of certain buttons or secret codes that are used as shortcuts, social media like Facebook also has several. From only one button to using a combination of keyboard keys. Here are the types and uses of the keyboard keys on Facebook.

You can press this key on your keyboard for a faster use of Facebook and see what it does so we know.

• J, K — Scroll between News Feed down and up
• P — To create and send a new status
• L — Like or dislike the selected news
• C — Comment on the selected news/status
• C — Share the selected news
• O — Open the attachment of the selected news
• Enter — Show More of the selected news
• / – Search
• Q — Search chat contacts

For key combinations used on certain menus on Facebook,
• Shift + Alt + 0 — Help
• Shift + Alt + 1 — Home
• Shift + Alt + 2 — Chronology
• Shift + Alt + 3 — Friends
• Shift + Alt + 4 — Incoming Message
• Shift + Alt + 5 — Notifications
• Shift + Alt + 6 — Settings
• Shift + Alt + 7 — Activity Log
• Shift + Alt + 8 — About
• Shift + Alt + 9 — Conditions
• Shift + Alt + m — New Message

So that we don’t go back and forth memorizing the Facebook shortcut code, try typing a question mark [?] on the keyboard to display a dialog about the various buttons and their uses as described above. That way when you forget you can immediately find out via Facebook which button code you forgot and want to use.

Facebook Shortcut Keyboard Tombol
Shift + ?

If you are used to it, you will automatically be able to apply shortcut buttons on Facebook to simplify and speed up activities on social media. For example, if you want to see a new notification, you can directly press Shift+Alt+6, it will be faster than having to move the cursor which is still far from reach. Moreover, if you are a new Facebook user, you will definitely be happy to know this, who don’t know much about it.

But wait, there are still a few more key combinations for each browser you use. This is useful for Access Key so that if we use it, it allows the Facebook display to move to another menu, want to try it too?

If you use the Chrome browser for PC, you can press the Alt + # key, Mozilla Firefox users can press the Shift + Alt + # key combination. On the system web browser Internet Explorer for PC can press Alt + # + Enter. Then for users of the Safari, Firefox or Chrome web browsers for Mac, simply press Ctrl + Options + #.

It’s easy to help speed up the process of using Facebook. And that’s all the shortcut keys for facebook that I can tell you, hopefully it’s useful. If you encounter a button not working error, maybe your pc keyboard has some command buttons that are no longer working.

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