Facts about Bill Gates that you may not know much about

Who doesn’t know about this one uncle. If, for example, you are a PC user with the Windows operating system, then it should be mandatory for you to know that Bill Gates is the one who brought you to taste the sweetness of Windows. But from there, it turns out that there are a lot of facts about Bill Gates that maybe not many people know.

Born and raised as a person who is actually more famous because of being polluted, (FYI, he was once dropped out of the Harvard campus) Bill Gates has actually succeeded in transforming into a pioneer of a giant company where almost no other company does not depend on Bill Gates’ products.

Apart from Apple, which is Microsoft’s main competitor, there are not many rivals that can match the superpower of Bill Gates’ product. But apart from his brilliant career and drop outs, there are a number of facts you need to know, check out this Bill Gates Facts dis-out from Biography.com, pal!


It’s not surprising that Bill Gates himself is predicted to be a successful person. Because since he was young, according to the writing of Biography.com, Bill Gates has been known as a person who is not only technically smart, but also intelligent.

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Even so smart, Bill Gates was able to get a challenge to memorize the Book of Matthew, in Chapters 5-7, which contains approximately up to 2000 words and Bill Gates was able to memorize it without the slightest mistake! Horror!

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Microsoft Existence

It turns out that upon further investigation, Microsoft is not the first work of this genius. The fact that Bill Gates is even more unique is that it turns out that Bill had a previous project with Paul Allen while he was still at Lakeside High School.


buying a microprocessor chip for approximately US$ 360, which in those years was very expensive, the two then created a project called Traf-O-Data to detect and read writing on paper tapes.

Push the Limit

Bill Gates is not only known as a watery brain, but also a personality that is sometimes a bit reckless. This fact of Bill Gates may not be a good one to emulate, but it turns out that Bill Gates went to prison for driving a car while under the influence of alcohol, without a driver’s license and license in 1975. Well, you know!

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Rival Services

If, for example, the Blue Ocean Strategy can be impressed as a technique to create a market without competition, Bill Gates actually gets a big name because of competition. In 1980, Bill Gates reportedly tried to be approached by IBM to be recruited as a developer for IBM’s 16-bit OS.

But for one reason or another, finally Bill Gates, who previously recommended Gary Kildall’s products, finally chose to lease products from other companies and then repackaged the software into IBM’s possession.

Bill Gates mate

While working at Microsoft, Bill Gates finally found his half. At that time, a woman by the name of Melinda French worked as a product marketing manager in 1987. From there, Bill Gates became acquainted.

This Bill Gates fact point had become a company secret in 1993, until in the end they announced their relationship in the same year and in 1994 they were officially married. It’s official, Melinda becomes Gates’ mistress.

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Bill Gates & Melinda

Bill Gates Promise

Once said by Bill Gates that his income will be given to charitable activities of up to 95 percent. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, but certainly not Bill Gates if you don’t spend money on luxury goods.

This fact of Bill Gates certainly makes people wonder, whether Bill Gates is just making up the charity plan, or maybe it’s just because Bill Gates is so rich that he can afford to buy a number of luxury goods even though he has practiced his income up to 95 percent.

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Bill Gates & Paul Allen


Despite the controversy, innovation, wealth and knowledge, charity is something that has never been neglected from Bill Gates’ activities. With his wife, Melinda Gates, Bill then built a body called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In short, this company has contributed to overcoming several problems in the world, such as hunger, disaster management, poverty and several other problems.

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