Facts About Dragon Raja Official Launch

Are you waiting to play the Dragon Raja game?
After a long wait, finally, this game was released yesterday. Let’s check!
This game, Dragon Raja (Chinese: 龙族; pinyin: Lóngzú) is a series of fantasy novels. They’re already published 4 volumes. You should read it if you like fantasy novels.

How about the story?

From the Dragon Raja website, the backstory about the ancient dragons that used to rule the world is about to wake up. Dragon Raja attempts to dominate the world again. But humans with their free will cannot be controlled anymore. Using the power of the enemies and equipped with gears of most advanced technology, humans are fighting against the Dragon Raja to save the world.  

Features in this game? I think they have some features such as PvE, PvP fight, minigames, and exploration elements to discover. Features that I like is you can modify your vehicle and shape your own personally (multi-style outfits).

Let’s move to classes. Dragon Raja has 4 classes:

  • Blade Master (Warrior/Tank)
  • Gunslinger (Gunner)
  • Soul Dancer (Support/Mage)
  • Assassin (Wizard/Assassin)

(This game does not have a gender lock, but you can choose to be human with normal size/lolita).

Another info about this game, Dragon Raja won the “Most Anticipated Game” award at UOD 2019. UOD is “Unreal Open Day“.

But, fact about this game is THE SIZE! First-time download, size of game 1,9 GB. And then you’ll download another element ± 500 MB and more. So what is the actual size of this game? I think about 4 or 5 GB. Haha, goodbye potato phone. Or if you really want to try with an emulator, try Memu or LDPlayer. 

You can find this game at Google Play (Android) / App Store (iOS).

I’ll update another part. Let me play first, see you in the game! ✋

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