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ipadguides.id – The case of an attempted rape of a hijab-wearing female student in Palembang continues to be in the spotlight to this day. Where the action of resistance carried out by the victim is indeed an action that deserves our appreciation.

It turns out that there are several facts that have been collected from this incident, as for the facts as follows.

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The suspect is suspected of having been watching the victim

Illustration of stalking people (Photo: Inspirasi Indonesia)

The perpetrator is alleged to have targeted the victim, where the perpetrator monitored the victim around his house to carry out the rape action. In fact, they suspect that the perpetrators knew that the victim was alone at home because the victim’s parents and sister went to the shopping market. Because the allegation was reinforced by the actions of the perpetrator who could enter from the window of his sister’s room.

The perpetrator is suspected to be a neighbor of the victim

Illustration of a neighbor (Photo: Lampung Post)

Based on the information gathered, the report made in the SPKT Polrestabes Palembang, the perpetrator is a young man with the initials HD. The perpetrator is a neighbor of the victim in Sematang Borang Palembang. Currently, the police are still investigating to find the culprit.

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Victim Biting Offender’s Tongue

Illustration of preventing rape (Photo: Indonesian Lenses)

When the perpetrator was about to launch his action, the victim immediately bit the tongue of the perpetrator. At that time, the victim was lying in his room waiting for the morning after the dawn prayer. In addition to biting the perpetrator’s tongue, the victim also squeezed the perpetrator’s genitals until he was helpless. In the end, the perpetrator failed to commit his depraved action to the victim.

Facts Behind Hijab Student Who Squeezed Rapist’s Pubic Until Helpless

That’s a glimpse of the facts that occurred from the action of an unknown man who tried to rape. Mimin hopes that the police can solve the case, and the victim can soon be free from the trauma of fear.

Learning from all this, of course a woman must be very good at taking care of herself. So that it can be separated from the behavior of people who want to harm. So many reviews from Mimin, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website notifications for other interesting information updates.

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