Fast and Practical, These are the 7 Best Health Applications in Indonesia!

Fast and Practical, These are the 7 Best Health Applications in Indonesia!

Health Apps – In today’s practical and fast-paced era, we are of course already familiar with the use of technology in all activities. If you can order food without having to come to a restaurant, now you can also consult a doctor without having to go to a hospital or clinic with internet capital and smartphone.

Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic which forces us all to #StayAtHome so we don’t get exposed to the Covid-19 virus. So, how can we #StayAtHome and check our health too?

Jagoan Hosting has prepared recommendations for the 7 best applications by Indonesian children that can help you still be able to consult a doctor without having to go to a hospital or clinic.

It’s easier and more practical, also suitable for those of you who have solid activities throughout the day. Check out the list below, bro!

Fast and Practical, These are the 7 Best Health Applications in Indonesia!

1. Halodoc, one of the most popular health apps

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Platforms a health service that allows users to communicate with more than 20 thousand licensed doctors in Indonesia.

It can be said that Hellodoc this is mace hammer health app. The facilities are complete, starting from consulting through chat, video callcan buy medicine online on line to laboratory tests. It’s very complete isn’t it, this application is of course a must-have smartphone-you just in case!

2. YesDok is ready to receive consultation 24 hours!

Another option that is no less complete is YesDok. Its superior feature is unlimited consultations that allow for consultations at any time for 24 hours without stopping.

That way, YesDok can help you in an emergency. Consultation history/history on YesDok will be saved so you don’t have to worry if you have to consult a different doctor.

As the saying goes, prepare an umbrella before it rains, then you need to be ready to YesDok before it’s too late.

3. Pro Sehat, a health application that provides information on Covid-19 vaccine services

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s a good idea to start planning to get a vaccine. You can easily get vaccine service information from the Pro Sehat health application.

This application provides vaccine services in several areas such as, Jakarta, Serpong, Tangerang and Bekasi. At Pro Sehat, you can shop not only for medicine but for other health product needs, such as baby milk, supplements, and so on.

4. Alomedika, the family’s preferred health app

If you are looking for a family health app, Alomedika is the answer.

The superior features of the Alomedika Application are more efficient consultations and fast responses, so users will feel comfortable consulting with doctors who already have a license and can be adjusted to their needs.

5. SehatQ, must be downloaded for women!

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Health applications that must be downloaded by Indonesian women, here! This application allows users to consult with specialist doctors about pregnancy problems to beauty problems, lol! Interesting right?

So, for you a career woman who has a lot of activities, now it’s enough with SehatQ you can still maintain your health and beauty.

6. Doctor’s Pocket Book ready to answer questions about health

Not only answering questions about health problems, this Doctor’s Pocket Book application can increase knowledge about health too, friend!

In this application you can also take precautions so that you are not susceptible to disease by reading infographics and complete information that you can adjust according to your age and needs.

7. Healthy Soul who is concerned about mental health

If you have to take care of your physical health, you also need to pay attention to your mental health.

No less important than the previous application, the Mental Health application can be used to monitor mental health. In this application you can consult and will be asked questions for the purposes of mental health diagnosis.

Of course, this is handled by an expert doctor who already has a SIP (Practice Permit), so there’s no need to worry, OK!

Those are the 7 best health applications in Indonesia, recommendations from Jagoan Hosting that you can try. During the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, maintaining health so that the immune system remains strong is one of the important things, therefore it’s a good idea to start using the applications above to maintain your health, friend!

Given the many benefits of health applications in the current era. This could be a great opportunity for you developer who want to benefit others. Don’t hesitate to start realizing your good goals and make it easier for patients to get instant health facility services with Jagoan Hosting.

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