Favorite Color Combination in the Family Room for a Minimalist Home

The family room is one of the favorite rooms in the house. Where
family members interact, chat, watch tv together or play games. So that a warm, pleasant family room makes the gathered family members feel at home. Sometimes in the selection of paint in the family room using the usual or monotonous colors so that the room becomes less attractive. The solution can be to use the right mix of various colors so that the room becomes more attractive but not tacky.

The combination of paint colors in the family room can be combined with tables, chairs, knick-knacks, etc.
knick-knacks or sofas that match the color of the wall paint in the living room. For example paint
peach colored walls can be combined with pink chairs, gray pillows, sofas
light pink color.

The gray sofa is combined with a darker gray wall paint. The shades of gray in this family room are still combined with pink or white chair cushions. Black and white photos and paintings add a warm atmosphere to the walls of the room. The brown side table is still solid, plus a small table to put a gray flower vase and a white candle holder.


be afraid to be creative in your living room, as long as the combination of wall colors and furniture or wall decorations is not tacky or too flashy. Here are some examples of color combinations for living rooms that can be applied in your home. Hopefully useful, good luck.

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