February is Liquid Again, Here’s How to Check PKH Social Assistance on the Ministry of Social Affairs Website


The government still continues to provide social assistance, aka social assistance, Mother. This time there was direct cash assistance (BLT) as a form of implementing the Family Hope Program (PKH).

For mothers who are beneficiaries of the direct PKH cash assistance, don’t forget to immediately check out the social assistance on the official website of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The government will still disburse this social assistance in February.

Previously, the government had also issued BLT through the 2022 MSME program to small and medium enterprises. Those who are selected will receive IDR 1.2 million. This time, the PKH social assistance program is also a program that the community has been waiting for.

For you to know, the PKH social assistance will be given to a number of community groups. Based on the official website of the Ministry of Social Affairs, PKH is a program of providing conditional social assistance to Poor Families (KM) who are designated as beneficiary families of PKH.

One of those who will receive the PKH social assistance is children at an early age. This assistance is a series of government assistance to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mother. The PKH social assistance program has existed since 2007, and is also given to pregnant/postpartum/breastfeeding women, as well as the elderly. The social assistance will be channeled through a number of state-owned banks.

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Checks on PKH cash assistance can be seen on the official website of the Ministry of Social Affairs, namely Cekbansos.kemensos.go.id. Based on the information uploaded to the Instagram account @kemensosri, the PKH social assistance will usually be disbursed every three months.

This means that the disbursement of PKH social assistance funds will be disbursed in certain months, namely January, April, July, and October throughout 2022. Meanwhile, Phase I disbursement in January 2022 is disbursed into three stages, namely January, February and March.

Mothers can still disburse the Phase I PKH social assistance this February. For the amount given by the government, the Ministry of Social Affairs has set a nominal value of IDR 28.7 trillion for 10 million KPM PKH. The funds will be distributed to beneficiaries throughout 2022, Mother.

Every PKH social assistance beneficiary is entitled to this BLT. Even so, the amount of funds received by beneficiaries will vary for each family. Later, the amount of funds that will be received by the beneficiary family will depend on the condition of the family.

So, how much is the PKH social assistance and how do you check it? Read on the next page, Mother.

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