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I lived in Bandung for five years, making Bandung my second home. Until now I still often play there just to unwind with this village flower town. Bandung is the right city to fall in love with ex. No, I’m not in love with anyone, but just really in love with this city. Really, not because of you, really. #lah

My Room with city view

As a photography enthusiast, Bandung is a friendly city for photographers. Especially if you have a hobby street photography. Brother that we meet on the road are not too uncomfortable with our cameras. They are friendly. It’s not that people in Jakarta are unfriendly, but photographing people in Bandung has a lower level of difficulty. Perfect for those of us who are shy.

The workshop starts in front of the grand mosque

Well, at the end of last February I took the time to go to Bandung to take part in a street photography workshop hosted by my friend Kang Sam. I often take pictures on the street, but haven’t found the right feel for my photos. It was a pleasure to learn firsthand with this photographer who dedicated himself to this street. For this post later, the next one will be in more detail hehe.

When I go to Bandung, I usually stay at my friends’ boarding houses. But because it’s far south, let’s call it Dayeuhkolot, I chose to stay at a hotel in the Dago area.

Bahureksa Street

I found the hotel very attractive. It is located right in the middle of the city, but is not exposed to vehicle noise, especially the horns of public transportation calling passengers and the polluted Damri buses. If you know Riau Junction, BIP mall, BEC, and Factory outlets on Jalan Banda, this hotel is in the midst of the excitement. Located among the groves of big Bandung trees on Jalan Bahureksa, this hotel called Ivory is side by side with cozy cafes in the city of Bandung. Excellent.

Front view of the hotel

The lobby is very cozy and is directly adjacent to the Everjoy cafe, a cafe as well as a restaurant where breakfast is served at this hotel.

In the afternoon when I arrived at the hotel.

My room was on the 4th floor and faced directly to the shoulder of the road. I really like the glass in the form of this wall. From here I can see the post office next to Gedung Sate and several high-rise buildings in Bandung. FYI, I haven’t been to Bandung for a few months, there have been a lot of apartments being built in this city. It’s only natural because a dwelling that treads land in the middle of the city of Bandung may no longer be possible to build.

welcome fruit

Entering the room, I was treated to pieces of fresh fruit. Because I just ate, I just put this fruit in the refrigerator for later. What is unique about the bed is that it is made of goose feathers. Feels very soft but not to the point of making us ‘drown’ which makes it difficult to move. And…there are bolsters! So for those of you who are alone, you can hug and roll while imagining….*fill yourself* *talk to the mirror*

The following is a detailed photo of the room when I was there.

Everjoy cafe looks like a place dedicated to coffee. In fact, every breakfast we get coffee made directly from the coffee beans by the barista! Not instant coffee! Hehehe, unfortunately I only got one coupon, okay, the barista mamang so he can get a second cup 🙂

Place Barista Everjoy cafe

The breakfast menu here has a very Bandung menu. Especially if it’s not yellow rice and curry rice cake hehe. The menu that you can find every morning in Bandung has a very homely taste. The in room service menu is also delicious and the price is still reasonable haha! I ordered the Chicken Escalope and the chicken breast which was given a mushroom sauce with mashed potato turned out to be endes bok!

Please, those who want to travel to Bandung, especially those who want to explore Dago and its surroundings, I highly recommend this hotel 🙂

Thank You!

Ivory by Ayola Bandung

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Jl. Bahureksa No.3 Bandung, West Java, 40115, Indonesia
Phone: +6222 – 4203999

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