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I just realized, “It turns out I’ve been studying here for 3 years”. Well, lately my time is only spent inside Elkom Laboratory. Autism does the final project alone, at least it’s accompanied by the carte whose tool doesn’t turn on heheh 😆

There are so many things that I want to post, but it seems that it has been delayed because there are still a lot of posts in the PA Book. The plan is to have a trial this July, please pray for me. Now waiting for the announcement of the D3 to S1 IT Telkom extension test last week. Hope it goes smoothly!

Yes, that’s me with my PA (so narcissistic like this). Behind me is a 500 Mhz oscilloscope, a macbook, and those obscure cables that have been my toy lately.

Success to all!

PS: Um, I use batik. Kan love Indonesia hahaha.

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