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Five years ago when I was backpacking to Nusa Tenggara, I could only speculate about this city. It’s only because of one building in the very European city of Ruteng and the view of the roof tiles in the distance, so my imagination is too far away.

But the name is wishful thinking, it’s free, right? 🙂

Thanks to a small amount of savings that was set aside, promo tickets, and universal permission, I was finally able to set foot in a country that used to be my mainstay in the Winning Eleven game. Czech!

I arrived in Prague by bus from Berlin. I used flixbus services while traveling around European cities. Cheap and quite comfortable in my opinion.

I arrived there in the afternoon. Or at night huh? Because at that time the sun set around 9 pm. So I sometimes get confused when it’s still bright, how come I’m already sleepy, hehe.

Old Town Prague

The first impression when I arrived in Prague was: it was very crowded!

Especially the Old Town area. Gone was my imagination of a city with its quiet and serene old castles and forts.

Fortunately, the buildings that have existed since the tenth century are indeed beautiful. Really cares about other tourists.

The unique thing that I found the first time, a lot of Korean people here. Even one of the convenience stores next to my hostel also has a Korean cashier!

View from the Clock Tower

When going up to the top of the clock tower in the middle of the old city of Prague, most of the visitors were Korean Ahjuma-Ahjusi who were accompanied by tour guides who were waving flags.

At that time, I felt more like I was in Myoengdong looking for masks for a courier service than in the city where the writer Franz Kafka was born.

Anw, it was a very sunny day so I decided to take a walk to take pictures of Prague from above. There are several points to see the beautiful view of Prague. Some of them are:

  1. Old Town Hall Tower
  2. Powder Tower
  3. Metronome on the Hill
  4. Castle Hill
  5. Petrin Hill and Tower
  6. Charles Bridge Tower

I only tried number 1 and number 3. Some are free some have to pay for admission. For the Old Town Hall tower, of course you have to pay. It costs CZK 250, about 10 euros, or around IDR 150,000. For number 3 because it’s on a hill, it’s free because it’s a public park.

From the top of the hill you can see the Old Town and Charles Bridge

But if you can only go up to one tower, choose the Old Town Hall Tower, or also known as the Clock Tower. Because it is really in the heart of Prague.

Believe me, even though what you see are the same orange tiles as you can see from the top of Monas, the atmosphere is completely different.

Luckily I went up that day, because the next three days the sun did not appear at all. Even rain!

It was April 2017, it should have been spring. But the temperature is never more than 10 degrees Celsius. Makes my tropical blood freeze.

Another strange thing I encountered in Prague was: WHY ARE SO MANY THAI MASSAGES HERE? :)))

In some corners of Old Town, you will definitely see a thai massage place. If it’s just one or two, that’s fine. It’s true that every conspiracy can exist, haha!

In addition to thai massage, which is also everywhere is a seller Trdelnik. Bread baked by rolling it on a stick and sprinkled with sugar. You can use ice cream too. But be careful you get a tourist rip-off, the price is very expensive.

It feels ordinary and can be found in malls around Jakarta and Tangerang. So I don’t recommend buying this. The overpriced price also makes me say this is a tourist scam.

Anyway, be careful when using the Euro here. You will get a change in Koruna currency (CZK) but with arbitrary conversion. So it’s better to take CZK at an atm just enough.

To walk around Prague, you can take the Tram or MRT. I prefer trams, because they run very slowly and are very retro. There are two types of trams here, the usual and modern and the retro. The retro ones are more instagram-able, so I always look forward to the old version of this instead of the modern one.

The old version of the tram

But the old town and its surroundings are not too big. So I walk more. Traversing the small streets of this city that are not too many tourists is very pleasant. I feel like taking pictures.

Crossing the Charles Bridge which was built in 1357 is also an experience in itself. Moreover, from here you can see the Prague castle which makes other buildings look like dwarves.

Prague castle of Charles Bridge

I didn’t do much for 3 days here other than walking by the river while enjoying the cool air. If someone says Prague is romantic, I have the same opinion. Especially if you go there with your lover.

But don’t believe me, because I was only there with the FTV cameraman.

Ah, finally made it to Prague!

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