First Impression When Try to Play Starlight Legend

First Impression When Try to Play Starlight Legend
Morning people. How are you today? Still, sleep? Wake up!
Let’s play game and lazy around in your room. Haha.
Do you still have some interest when playing classic RPG? I think 4 or 6 years later, I play some classic RPG game like Ghost Online, classic but really fun. Then I found this game on Android.
First try this game I feel, OMG! I feel nostalgic about this game.
So I try this game and play. My first impression is Damn! Classic game but really good. A cute character with many fashion and adorable monster. Maybe you already play this game called Starlight Legend.

This game really makes me miss my old time when I play a game online similar like Starlight. Well, let’s see what features in this game.

  • Game Design with Visual Effect. This one really makes me want to play this game. The quality of art design really classic. The scene, monster, character, and anything.
  • Pet. You can get your pet from item drop, or when you already finishing your quests.
  • Style. You can create your own style, of course, you should buy your fashion from Shop.
  • Guild
  • Seasonal event items
  • Taxi. You can go to another map with taxi and of course another map around your level
  • Daily Quest
  • Dungeon
  • Forge
  • Altar
  • Astrology
  • Friendlist
  • Ranking
  • Email
  • Take Picture

Well, you can get married too (If I’m not wrong, haha). Still, don’t believe that this game really unique? See my first impression when try to play this game and can’t stop it

This game launch in English, China, Thailand and Indonesia language

Can’t wait to try?

Don’t forget to know your time when you play a game!