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Who’s heart doesn’t flutter the first time you go traveling abroad? Feeling bubbling. Happiness and fear mixed into one. Flying tomorrow, definitely can’t sleep at night, haha!

Well, this time I will discuss some preparation tips when you want to travel abroad. Starting from making a passport, making an itinerary, tips on using a BTPN Jenius Debit Card to make traveling more practical, to tips to keep you safe abroad.

Let’s go!

1. Before buying a plane ticket, check all the completeness of the passport and visa documents

This passport is your identity when abroad. ID card, driver’s license or other identification will not be valid. Even before buying a plane ticket, you will be asked for your passport number.

So, even if you don’t have any plans to go abroad, try making a passport. Who knows, suddenly you are invited to go on an impromptu umrah or vacation to Europe with your ex, right?

For a visa, it is a permit to enter a country. Usually affixed to the passport. There are countries that are visa-free, some can get a visa on arrival, some have to be made at their respective embassies in Indonesia.

How does this country need a visa or not? It’s really easy, you just need to download the Safe Travel application from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then go to the “Check Destination Country Visa Status” section.

Mostly for Southeast Asia, we are Indonesian citizens who are visa-free. So for those of you who want to go abroad for the first time, just try countries that are close like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and surrounding areas. Just bring your passport and you can enter these countries.

Next, you can try more distant Asian countries such as Japan or Korea (Japan is visa-free for e-passports, so make sure you make an e-passport as well!). Then you can continue to Europe, and around the world it’s up to you and the contents of your account.

2. No need to carry too much cash, just bring a BTPN Jenius Debit Card for transactions abroad!

So for those who ask, “If you go abroad, do you need to convert rupiah to the currency of the destination country?”

If it’s tips from me, just go ahead, but not too much. At least not enough to pay for transportation from the airport to the hotel and eat once. Because usually the money changer rate is a bit high, so we don’t have enough money, haha!

In addition, just take money at an ATM using a Jenius Debit Card. You can use any bank ATM machine as long as there is a visa logo. And of course, the rate is definitely more reasonable. Especially if you use the Jenius foreign currency balance selection feature. It’s definitely getting better!

Because Jenius Debit Cards can be contactless, so if you make a transaction using an EDC machine that has a contactless feature, just tap it, it’s practical! Even in some countries, such as Singapore or the US, this Jenius Debit Card can already be used for access cards to MRT stations! Just tap on the entrance and we can get on the train.

3. Create an Itinerary and budget estimate

First Time Overseas? These are 5 Genius Tips to Make Your Traveling Safe and Comfortable! – ipadguides

Because you are traveling to another country that is actually a foreigner, so prepare everything. Starting from destinations, lodging, transportation, attraction tickets, and all kinds of things. If it can be bought in Indonesia much better. So we can estimate the budget too, right?

For example, if you want to go to Japan for a week, you don’t need to be very detailed, here’s an example plan:

  • Plane departing Jakarta – Tokyo
  • Return Flight Osaka – Jakarta
  • Tokyo – Osaka by shikansen kereta
  • Wishlist places in Tokyo ( Day 1 – Day 3) : Tokyo tower, asakusa, shibuya crossing, kawaguchiko, mount fuji, akihabara, Tokyo Disneyland, tokyo station, Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Wishlist places in Osaka (Day 4 – 7) : Dotonburi, Arashiyama bamboo forest kyoto, Fushimi Inari, Osaka Aquarium.
  • The budget for eating is a few rupiahs multiplied by 3 times 7 days
  • And of course the budget for souvenirs!

Don’t forget to print all tickets and vouchers in case your phone suddenly runs out of battery. In some countries, immigration usually asks where you are staying and is asked to show a hotel voucher. So if you can, it’s better to just print everything, yeesss!

4. Arm yourself with an internet connection.

For internet, in some countries it will be cheaper to buy a local sim card. But there are also countries where the internet is cheaper if you rent an internet modem. This modem can be used together, of course, it can be rented from Indonesia.

I think the internet is very important if you go abroad. First, we definitely need a maps application so we don’t get lost. Let me say that you are a true super traveler who wants to get lost, but if you keep getting lost, it will be a hassle haha!

If there is internet, you can also continue to do banking transactions as usual using the Jenius application. Want to transfer or pay bills abroad, no problem!

And most importantly, an internet connection for instastory updates so that they become dots!

5. Learn the Destination Country

Before buying plane tickets, taking care of visas, booking hotels, and all of the things above, you must know the conditions of the country you are going to. How to? Of course you can read the latest news related to the country.

But there is an easier way. Open the Safe Travel application again, we can see if the condition of the country is safe to visit or not. There is detailed information per country, news, visa information, embassy information, to the SOS button if you need help from the Indonesian embassy in the country you are going to.

Have a safe and comfortable holiday!

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