Flying Procedure During New Normal, Check the Conditions! (2021)

Want to travel out of town? What is the procedure for flying in this new normal? What are the latest flight conditions that you must comply with? Which test should you take beforehand?

It’s been almost 1 year I have to refrain from leaving the house. Yes, especially if it wasn’t for Covid-19. In the midst of this pandemic, we have to adapt to a new lifestyle.

As someone who travels a lot, of course I feel a very drastic change. Travel plans which I compiled I had to postpone.

Now with the rules new normal, we are already allowed to travel. I suggest if you don’t have any interest, don’t travel long distances.

But if there is a job that requires you to fly at the same time new normal In this case, there are several procedures and conditions that must be complied with.

Actually this requirement applies not only to flights but also to sea travel by ship or land (train).

Latest Update: The government issued a travel ban for 14 days before and after Eid (22 April – 5 May and 18-24 May 2021)

Anything? The following is the procedure for flying during new normal:

Requirements to fly in the new normal

To make a domestic flight, you need to prepare the following documents:

  1. Identity in the form of a resident identity card (KTP).
  2. Air ticket or boarding pass.
  3. A letter of RT-PCR/Rapid-Test Antigen/Genose C-19 test results that is valid for 1×24 hours as a flight requirement.
  4. Fill out an electronic health awareness card (e-HAC) which can be accessed through the e-HAC Indonesia application.

Passengers with the final destination of Bali needs to fill out a form on the site

While passengers with the final destination in Jakarta can download the JAKI application then fill in the Corona Likelihood Metric (CLM).

The requirement for a COVID-19 free certificate is a mandatory requirement so that you can board a domestic flight.

The COVID-19 test requirements are excluded for children under 5 years of age.

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How to get a Rapid Test test certificate

One of the conditions in order to be able to fly when new normal is to have a certificate of Rapid Test test. Rapid Test is a type of examination to detect the presence or absence of Covid-19 virus infection.

You can do this examination at a hospital that provides Rapid Test services in your city. However, to make it easy, you can also via the Halodoc application.

Halodoc is an application that provides convenience in health services.

In this application you can consult with general practitioners and specialists online, buy drugs online, and more.

Flying Procedure During New Normal, Check the Conditions! (2021)
Source: Halodoc

Halodoc is also collaborating with hospitals around Jabodetabek that carry out Rapid Tests.

It’s easy, you just need to choose a location Drive Thru Rapid Test, I will give the example of the Omni Cikarang Hospital because I happened to have lived in Cikarang before.

Then select the date and time to do the Rapid Test, then upload a photo of your ID card and make the payment.

You will receive confirmation of the test schedule and an order to show it to the hospital staff.

How much does it cost to do a Rapid Test? For the Drive Thru Rapid Test at the Omni Cikarang Hospital using the Halodoc application, the price is Rp. 299,000.

There is also a Covid screening package for more in-depth tests.

The test results will be sent through the Halodoc application the day after the test is carried out. If the result is negative, you are allowed to fly.

If the result is positive, hopefully not, according to the level of your symptoms, you will be asked to isolate yourself at home (mild symptoms) or be referred to a special hospital for handling Covid-19 (moderate/severe symptoms).

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Procedure at the airport during new normal

Well, after meeting all the requirements above and having the Rapid Test results, congratulations! You can fly to your destination.

The procedure you will go through at the airport is more or less like this:

  1. Checking documents such as identity cards, airline tickets or boarding pass, and a certificate of Rapid Test test. The officer will give a stamp or stamp for validation.
  2. Fill in your personal data and destination in the e-HAC application. You will get a QR Code which must be shown at the destination.
  3. Print boarding passes and check-in baggage.
  4. Document re-examination.
  5. Arriving at the destination city, show the QR Code to the officer at the arrival terminal.

Continue to comply with health protocols when traveling out of town. Don’t forget to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and keep your distance from other people.

That’s the procedure for flying during the new normal and also the conditions that you must fulfill. Check again updates the latest regulations that apply before flying. stay healthy, stay safe!

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