Follow These 4 Tips If You Want To Travel During Eid

Travel tips for Eid

Follow These 4 Tips If You Want To Travel During Eid

Travel tips for Eid

In addition to gathering with extended family, the Eid moment is also widely used by many people for holidays. Especially when traveling with your beloved family, of course the holiday moments during Eid will be even more exciting.

So, for all of you who want to travel during Eid, take it easy because in this article I will discuss 4 Tips that Will Help You Travel During Lebaran. Curious about anything? Here are the four tips!

1. Check the Opening Hours of Tourist Attractions

The first tip that is mandatory for you to do is to check the opening hours of the tourist spot you want to go to. Make sure the place is open as usual or even has special operational times that apply during the holiday season during Eid. In addition to checking opening hours, it’s a good idea to buy tickets online whenever possible. Besides being impossible to run out of tickets, you also don’t need to be tired and waste a lot of time waiting in line.

So, you can be faster when going on vacation to tourist attractions because you have bought an entrance ticket beforehand. Especially when the Eid holiday season has arrived, the line to buy tickets is very long and crowded. To minimize this, you can buy it directly online.

2. Try Different Travel Destinations

The next tip that you must do is to try to be a different tourist. The point is that you can visit places that tend to be quiet from visitors. In addition to the possibility that you can master these tourist attractions, you will also get an entrance ticket at a very cheap price. Because usually tourist destinations that are deserted from visitors will sell entrance tickets at very cheap prices.

Not only that, during the Eid holiday season there will usually be a special price promo given by the manager. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Moreover, traveling that you do with your beloved family or maybe with a group. Besides being able to master these tourist attractions, you will also get very many discounts.

3. Carry spare clothes in your bag

The holiday season is synonymous with public places that are flooded by many visitors. Of course, with many people coming, the air will feel hot so you will sweat easily. Seeing this, it’s a good idea to prepare spare clothes that you have prepared in your bag. This is done so that when you sweat later, you can immediately change clothes.

Especially for those of you who are very uncomfortable with sweat, of course this is something that is very annoying. Just bring one t-shirt, you don’t have to worry if your body sweats.

4. Accept When Plans Don’t Live Up To Expectations

Of course, you all want your vacation plans to run perfectly without the slightest drawback. However, a plan is still a plan and it may not go the way you want. If you have this, you have to accept it gracefully. However, don’t forget to prepare a backup plan to keep the holidays going.

For example, you hope that the weather when traveling will be sunny and cloudy, but when you travel the weather does not support it. You don’t need to worry, just prepare equipment that can help you when traveling if the weather is not supportive.

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Those are 4 tips that will help you travel during Eid. May be useful!