For Broader Insights, Here Are 5 Youtube Channels for Critical Thinking – Student Zone – Hello Friend Zone, how are you today? Hope it’s good, okay? As a student, you must have met several people who have very broad insights and critical ways of thinking. Usually, this is seen during presentations in class.

Did you know that you can also practice critical thinking yourself? There are many methods that you can apply to Zone Friends to train how to think, speak, and add new knowledge.

To practice it, some prefer to listen to podcasts, read books, meet new people, and watch Youtube channels. Mimin has a recommendation for Zone Friends who like watching Youtube but also want to learn at the same time.

Check out the following review.

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TED-ed Youtube Channel (Photo: Student Zone Team)

This channel is part of the Ted channel, one of the channels from America that focuses on discussions in the fields of education, technology, to design.

In this channel, videos are presented using interactive and interesting animations. Some of the discussion topics that are made are also light and easy to understand so it will be easier for Zone Friends to hone their thinking skills.

One Percent

One Percent Youtube Channel (Photo: Student Zone Team)

In Indonesia, who doesn’t know the Satu Percent channel? This channel is about self-development which helps Zone Friends to be more developed both in terms of thought and life.

This channel is very related to real life, especially students who often overthinkingwant to be confident, rise from failure, and many others.

Eza Hazami

Eza Hazami’s Youtube Channel (Photo: Student Zone Team)

Especially for Zone Friends who have started wanting to focus on the world of work, Eza Hazami’s channel can really help you with tips in the world of work.

In this channel, Eza Hazami shares issues in the world of work, starting from how to compose a CV, good and correct interviews, types of HRD in the world of work, and many others.

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Zahid Azmi Ibrahim

Zahid Azmi Ibrahim’s Youtube Channel (Photo: Student Zone Team)

On this channel, Zone Friends can also train your thinking through topics that Zahid discusses, such as how to manage time, be consistent with new habits, to discuss about skills needed by students.

Zhafira Aqyla

Zhafira Aqyla’s Youtube Channel (Photo: Student Zone Team)

In her channel, Zhafira Aqyla often shares tips that are very useful for students, such as tutorials on making beginner essays, sharing stories about preparing to study abroad, to sharing how she learns new sciences.

Not only that, Zhafira also often shares lecture stories by inviting other content creators so that you can also learn together.

For Broader Insights, Here Are 5 Youtube Channels for Critical Thinking

That’s a review of Youtube channel recommendations that help you think critically. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

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