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BI’ve never heard your voice, let alone met. Nothing I can remember from you, only a few sheets of pictures of your youth smiling valiantly in a blue uniform. You seem to really like singing. I just found out where some of the guitars and pianos in the house came from.

I don’t know much about you. All I know is, before you left, you didn’t heed your mother’s words. Lessons learned at a very high price. Let you be my role model, by not repeating the same actions.

Sometimes, I envy my friends. Those who still have people like you. However, I am annoyed with those who often do not reconcile with him. Isn’t it still a blessing to have them? Maybe those people didn’t realize how painful it would be if they weren’t around anymore. They don’t realize how precious this gift is in my eyes. Unknowingly, sometimes tears start to fall, like this time.

Since you left, mom and I had a really hard time. Ah, maybe I don’t really feel it. Mother, the greatest woman in my life, is the most hurt by your departure. But, being strong is a choice, we are still alive today.

One day, I promise to be a good and great father to my children. Even though I never felt your love May Allah give you a proper place. May Allah meet us in heaven.

“Rabbighfir lii waliwaa lidayya warhamhumaa kamaa rabbayaanii shaghiiraa”

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