For Fresh Graduates, Check Out 5 Tips To Get Job Applications Accepted – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? As usual Mimin will share interesting information, namely 5 tips so that job applications are accepted. Wow, as fresh graduate who have minimal work experience and don’t know office life must read this.

Because, the challenge of the fresh graduate is how to get the job application accepted by the company. Therefore, let’s look at the following reviews and happy reading!

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Customize with Ability

CV illustration (Photo: Indozone)

The first tip is to adjust it to your Zone Buddy’s abilities. Don’t force yourself to apply for a job that doesn’t match your expertise.

Then, before actually submitting a job application, make sure again that the qualifications match your qualifications and will not be burdensome in the future.

Equip with Qualified Skills

Illustration of video editing (Photo: YouTube)

The second tip is to equip yourself with skills qualified. To apply for a job, GPA alone is not enough, it must be balanced with hard skills and soft skills superior too. Because, when we enter the world of work, we will be faced with various kinds of problems.

That’s where the company judges soft skills us, starting from leadership, skills, responsibilities, problem solving and so forth. Hard Skills What you can do is sharpen zone as a provision to enter the world of work, including graphic design, video editing, writing, and digital marketing.

When you are able to master it, you will automatically get a plus and the company of course considers you to be its employee.

Make sure your CV is complete and attractive

Interesting CV illustration (Photo: Cah Unnes)

The third tip so that job applications are accepted, namely make sure the CV you make is complete and attractive. Not only an attractive CV design, but your qualifications must also be qualified.

Present the CV as it is, complete, and detailed, so as not to confuse the HRD who recruited the Zone Buddy. The experience you have is also an added value and don’t forget to include your portfolio and certificates that match your qualifications.

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Building Branding from Social Media

Personal branding illustration (Photo: IDN Times)

The fourth tip so that Buddy Zona’s job application is accepted, is to build branding from social media. Today, companies also consider prospective employees through: personal branding social media, such as LinkedIn.

In addition, they will also find out through digital traces how attitude and image We. So, you have to be careful and wise in social media, so as not to harm yourself. Moreover, if Zone Buddy is a influencer or someone who is quite influential in social media, then your image will rise in the eyes of the company. Because, it’s a sign that you have a good image.

Have Good Foreign Language Skills

Illustration of a foreign language (Photo: Okezone)

The last tip so that your job application is accepted, is to have good foreign language skills. This is because big companies cooperate with foreign investors, so they need you for that.

Foreign languages ​​that you need to master, namely English, Mandarin, French, and German. When you include these foreign language skills in your CV, you will get a plus and the chances of being accepted are great.

For Fresh Graduates, Check Out 5 Tips To Get Job Applications Accepted

That’s a review of 5 tips so that job applications are accepted. Good luck and cheers!

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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