For Students, Check Out 5 Tips for Success in Life a la Suga BTS – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who brought success tips from a K-pop idol BTS personnel, namely from Min Yoon Gi, or more popularly by the name Suga.

As is often reported in the media, the South Korean vocal boy group BTS is currently achieving extraordinary success since its debut in 2013. To achieve success, of course, each member must fight and never give up in order to achieve their dreams together.

Well, this time, Mimin will explain 5 tips for success in life like Suga BTS. What are you curious about? Come on, let’s see the review!

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Know Passion from an Early Age

Suga's old studio room
Portrait of Suga in his old poduser room (Photo: Pinterest)

To be successful, of course, you have to start with yourself first, which is to recognize your passion from an early age. You have to know first, if you want to achieve success for yourself, then Buddy Zone must also do the things you love and focus on doing those things.

That’s what Suga did. Since childhood, he has had a passion for the world of music and is very focused. He even told of his struggles to pursue his passion on several occasions until he joined BTS and achieved success with them and as a music producer for several well-known artists.

By recognizing your passion early on, you can open up various opportunities for success.

Never Afraid to Try New Things

Suga BTS Plays the Guitar Like a Romantic Boy, 'Pajamas' Don't Usually Steal The Focus
Suga is practicing guitar during Vlive (PhotoL

Despite initially wanting to focus on music, rap, and producing songs, Suga did not get complacent. He dared to take the opportunity to join BTS and take up dancing and singing.

This shows the willingness and hard work to try new things that are very inherent in this milky white guy. Not only focusing on his passion, he doesn’t close himself to trying new things. Even recently, Suga is learning guitar and painting too, you know!

Isn’t that multitalented?

Setting Goals Gradually

Since the beginning of their debut until now, BTS has gone through various stages and their ups and downs in the music world. From being unknown to many people to the time many people know them.

All of this cannot be separated from good teamwork and from Suga, it is to set goals gradually, starting with small things first, then slowly moving towards bigger things.

For those of you who are Army (as BTS fans) must know how Suga just wanted their album to sell in the market, then slowly they received awards for weekly music shows in Korea, until their recent achievement became one of the nominees at the Gramy Music Award. Great, right?

That’s one of the functions of setting goals gradually. Little by little, we can definitely achieve bigger things, according to our abilities.

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Not Listening to Haters

Suga BTS shares stories about "Daechwita" - ANTARA News
Suga’s portrait while filming the MV (Photo: Antaranews)

From Suga, we can learn not to listen to haters or haters who don’t like to see our efforts in achieving success. Through the lyrics of the songs he wrote with RM, Suga has revealed a lot that he and the other BTS members don’t care about what haters say. They will continue to work and entertain those who support them.

From here you can learn that the words of haters will only hinder our success. What we need to do is stay focused on achieving our dreams until we can finally taste the sweet fruit of our struggles.

Cheers, buddy!

Don’t Forget To Share With Others

Portrait of Suga BTS doing Vlive (Photo:

In addition to his handsome face and undoubted musical ability, Suga is famous for his generosity in sharing with others. The donations he gave were never in small amounts and most of the donations he distributed coincided with his birthday since 2018.

For example, on his 28th birthday, on March 9, 2021, he donated 1.2 million Won for cancer patients at a hospital in Korea. Previously, in February 2020, Suga also made a donation for the handling of Covid-19 to his hometown of Daegu, which is the city most affected by Corona in South Korea.

From this we learn that even though he is already famous internationally, Suga is still a humble person and likes to share with others. This is a behavior that we should emulate, because sharing with others will foster gratitude for what we have achieved up to this point.

For Students, Check Out 5 Tips for Success in Life a la Suga BTS

Alright, Zone Buddy! That’s all for Mimin’s review of 5 tips for success in life in the style of Suga BTS. It turns out that not only are they handsome and famous, some of these idols have things that we can imitate to achieve success. Next time, Friend Zone wants Mimin to discuss who else’s success tips? Suggest Mimin in the comments column, let’s go!

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website post notifications for other interesting info about lectures and students. See you later!

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