For Students, Here Are 4 Unique Opportunities You Can Try at Merdeka Campus – Student Zone – The Ministry of Education and Culture has launched the Merdeka Learning Campus Program (MBKM), whose activities include learning and practicing outside the classroom for three semesters.

This activity is also part of the lecture and is given a value of 60 credits. Then, the programs at the Merdeka Campus can also answer the challenges of higher education to produce graduates who can respond and keep up with the times.

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Can Exchange Student

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This unique opportunity does not only apply to foreign countries, you know. Instead, it could be between study programs or between campuses, according to the Head of the Merdeka Campus Competition Program, Bagus Jati Santoso. Bagus also explained that the quality of the campus itself is also not inferior to campuses abroad.

“The Director General of Higher Education also stated that there are still very few domestic student exchanges,” said Bagus.

Then, in the practice of student exchange, students can take any courses in other majors or other campuses. The method is very easy, they only have to access the Sasrabahu.ID website and then select the desired course and campus.

In addition, the campus has provided facilities by adding elective courses and mapping the possibility of credit transfer (acknowledgement of activities as value).

“So it’s possible, students study at ITS Informatics Engineering (Ten November Institute of Technology). Then take a student exchange at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). There is no problem, now is the era of collaboration,” said Bagus.

Internship and Online Lecture

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The second unique opportunity that you can try at an independent campus is an internship as well as attending lectures to add value.

Moreover, it is supported by the pandemic conditions that require students, including students, to use the learning system asynchronous (indirectly) and blended (mix of online and offline).

“Students want to take classes in class at certain hours, please. If you want to attend lectures another time, you can also because the lectures in the class are recorded and can be listened to at another time. So lectures can be accessed online from anywhere and anytime. In the afternoon after work after an internship in Jakarta, open the laptop, then join the ITS lectures, that can really be done, “said Bagus.

This is related to the ITS Director of Education, Siti Machcepat, who said that in the Merdeka Campus program, internships can be recognized for up to 20 credits.

“At ITS, we admit internships of up to 6 credits,” said Siti.

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Carrying out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education

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The next golden opportunity, you can also do research, teach, and serve the community in accordance with the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. And what’s even more beneficial, the research will be recognized as a substitute for college grades.

“So students want to do research, teach through the Teaching Campus program, and conduct Thematic Real Work Lectures (KKN) in villages and remote areas of Indonesia. It is recognized and judged like a lecture,” said Siti.

If you are interested in this program, the method is very easy. You only need to suggest their desire to research, teach, or serve, through their respective supervisors. Siti also emphasized that what the students applied was in accordance with the knowledge they learned in college.

“For example, studying Chemical Engineering, you can do research at a fertilizer factory, teach the use of fertilizer to farmers, make donations to farmers and build agricultural systems in villages. Later the supervisor will direct and give the green light,” said Siti.

Study While Entrepreneur

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The last unique opportunity that can be obtained is to study while entrepreneurship. The Head of the Curup IAIN Study Program, Kurniawan MPD, explained that this opportunity was the most financially attractive. Because, students can get profit from the results of their efforts, as well as get grades.

“So while studying, while entrepreneurship and making startups, and that is recognized by the state. In fact, you can also get funding facilities from the Directorate General of Higher Education’s Entrepreneurship Program and the Kedaireka Platform. This means that money can be obtained, value can be obtained, “said Kurniawan.

Then, there were IAIN Curup students who managed to open tutoring and startups around education. This activity can then be converted into credits as well as an opportunity to apply student knowledge.

He succeeded in doing this by adjusting the curriculum, accepting student registrations, compiling detailed registration requirements, and empowering accompanying lecturers as tutors for students.

“Incidentally, because our study program is Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teacher Education, students open tutoring for school children. They practice teaching knowledge, they get money, they get value too,” said Kurniawan.

In this webinar, besides being attended by thousands of members of the Vidya Utama Center Community (Sevima), 33 Chancellors from State Universities (PTN) and Private Universities (PTS) throughout Indonesia were also present.

For Students, Here Are 4 Unique Opportunities You Can Try at Merdeka Campus

That’s a review of 4 unique opportunities that you can try at the Merdeka Campus. So, interested in trying?

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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