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RahmanCyber ​​NET – In the creative world, it is true that we cannot be separated from referencing each other, yup.. I don’t know, actually it is the same in other fields, one person learns from another. Of course it feels like it will make us grow faster, yes, and our creativity will be more easily honed than if we dwell on our ego and do not have any references.
And usually that’s what makes us stuck and lazy to do that field, because there is no inspiration.

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Yes, it is undeniable, surely all of those people have works, the results of references or have seen other people’s previous works, whether secretly or openly.. but what makes the difference is.. the work is only for reference or illustration.. oh I want making such works, does not mean plagiarizing by acknowledging other people’s work as ours.

Even in academia, this is the case. If you think logically, try to imagine.. if the lecturer does not provide material references to the students.. WHAT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO TEACH?????


well that’s the concept of reference, so we need a reference.

is Reference?

In the KKBI it is explained that reference/re·fe·ren·si/ /réferénsi/ n 1 reference source (reference, guide): dictionaries can be used as material –; 2 books recommended by lecturers to students to read: compulsory books and books — available in full in the library; 3 library books that cannot be taken outside, must be read in the space provided; 4 Ling the relationship between the referent and the symbol (language form) used to represent it

What is Reference for Graphic Designers (Vector as well as Raster)?

Yes of course with lots of references, it will help us find our own design style, and maybe this also applies not only to a graphic designer, but other fields too, music maybe…but there is a downside when we get too many references …

are the Negative impacts of most References

Lots of good references.. but if there are too many.. it will make us complacent and even make us feel inferior… how come they can be really good at their work huh.. how come they can do that and so many arguments in your head!
Yes… the worst possible impact that could arise is to make someone else’s work our own… as if we were the one making it… you know what that means… yes… for example..


A has a Billion Tender…then Person A doesn’t want to bother.. because he is confused about what kind of project he wants to make, while if it is rejected. .without it working anything..
nah, that’s the wrong model..

Or Person A gets a tender of 100 billion, create a system.. then Person A orders Hire people, yes he employs people, he demands that the project must be completed and the pay is not appropriate..
Person B and his friends (a total of 20) were hired, Person A, who with hard work of mind and energy, completed the project, while Person A took a trip… on vacation because he knew he would get paid 100 billion from the tender.


finishing, person B is only given 20% or only about 1 billion per person.. haha,
1 billion times 20 means only 20 billion… Yup.. it means that A and his company make 80 billion profit… wow fantastic… It’s different from a company that hires employees… he has monthly dependents to support his employees… and if there’s no income, he also gets a loss, so in the case above it’s different… hehe

and after that if there are revisions or errors or other things, it’s all returned to B and friends… haha ​​that means the burden is passed on to B and his friends because they made it.. Wow… that’s bad, if A who bears it all, it can still be uploaded, really, huh…

Well, in other cases, it can make us down alias despair… we become less confident and think “can I be like that”

Then How?

If you are already focused in an area, you can look for references, but you also have to balance it with practice and practice. Without you practicing, your abilities will be the same, lots of references actually backfire for ourselves.. so it has to be balanced huh..

is Vector?

Now, let’s go into the discussion I gave the title Download Free Vector Designs and Templates, is that an inducement? no, here it is related to that, but this is specifically for those of you who are involved and want to be involved in the world of graphic design, yes, pren.

Vectors are images that are flexible and do not “break” when they are enlarged beyond their normal size. It is very convenient to use for printing or website fields.

In printing, we usually know that the .CDR, .AI, .EPS formats are all formats for vector software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator.
Now, even in the World of Websites, the concept of vector is already being used, but that’s beyond the discussion here, because for websites there are certain codes that make up vector objects such as .SVG.

Now, in relation to references, here I will give you a reference for your site to of course add to your design references, but remember… it must be balanced, never forget to practice!


For those of you who have been to, maybe you will find the designer’s gold treasure… yes, there are lots of Vector Design References that you can see and download. Free and Premium versions of Vector designs are available.
There are more than 300,000,000 images available through this site which are divided into four categories, namely vector, psd, icons, and stock photos. But still vectors are the prima donna on the site.

2. FREEVECTORS is also a vector design source that has a collection of more than 1600 vector images, although it is smaller than FREEPIK, but this can also be a reference for you. FREEVECTORS also offers FREE and PREMIUM, these images are divided into fourteen categories, Animals, Backgrounds, Business Office, City Architecture, Cool Design, Grunge, Holiday, Home and Family, Nature, Other, People, Technology, Transportation, and Urban.

3. VectorStock

VectorStock is also not much different from some of the sites above, it has more than 200,000 vector images of which 1,960 of them are distributed free of charge and the rest are paid, but there are several options for paid / premium. One of them is pay per image.

4. All-Free-Download

All Free Vector Download, this also provides a variety of free vector designs but you need to attribution, meaning if you want to use it commercially, you can buy it, or have to attribution to avoid legal problems. There are more than 190,000 vector images for you to download.

5. PublicDomainVectors

Public Domain Vectors different from some of the sites that RahmanCyber.NET presented above, yes, here Public Domain Vector provides a variety of Stock vector images that are copyright free. So we are free to modify, copy, and distribute it for personal or commercial use without having to ask permission. Public Domain Vectors only ask us to give credit if using one of the images they provide, although it is not mandatory to do so.

6. Vecteezy

Vecteezy also the same as some of the sites above, namely vector image providers. Starting from banner designs, backgrounds, various interesting art, characters, brochures, flowers and many others are available for free to us, but there are also pro ones, meaning you need to subscribe to download.

7. FreeVectorMaps

Well, FreeVectorMap is the same as a vector provider, but as the name suggests, there is the word maps which means map… Yups! here is a vector warehouse that specifically displays map vector images, there are maps of World, Continents, Americas, Europe, Asia & Oceania, Africa & Mid. East .. where it can be specified again per country in it.

Interesting indeed, for those of you who need a Free Vector Map Download, for learning or other purposes, you can visit the site, of course you can use it for free with attribution, if you want to remove the attribution, then you have to pay according to the price listed. .. around $ 4 dollars .. if you convert it to 100 thousand .. for the cheapest price I found there, but many are more expensive than that .. hehe.

Discussion Conclusion

Well, we’ve shown some references that you can use to improve your design skills, friends, so now I hope you guys practice hard…
and I hope this information is useful for you, Designer friends… because it is possible that those who stop by on this page are designers or prospective designers or those who are in the design field, whether they are KIOS owners.

See you…


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