French election: Macron plans key job for EU chief in new cabinet if he wins | World | News

The French leader is hoping to win a coveted second term as President, when voters go to the polls on April 10. Experts say Macron is already considering who to appoint in the next government, with some appointing ECB leader Christine Lagarde as France’s next prime minister.

Eurasia Group Director Mujtaba Rahman said: “There is a lot of speculation in Paris about the makeup of Emmanuel Macron’s next government.

“Many credible voices think of Christine Lagarde as Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe as Secretary of State and Clement Beaune as Minister of Finance.”

Macron is still seen leading the first round of elections with 28 percent of the vote against Marine Le Pen’s 20 percent.

But the incumbent President could face unpleasant surprises. Four out of 10 people, who intend to vote, have yet to decide who they will support, according to Adélaïde Zulfikarpasic.

Ms Zulfikarpasic is the head of BVA Opinion, one of the most authoritative polling companies in France.


made his remarks in an interview with the channel Europe 1.

At the same time, Macron appears to be providing bloody support among budding voters.

Thousands of young people attended the massive political rally organized by ric Zemmour in Paris on Sunday.

They were among the tens of thousands of people who gathered in front of the Eiffel Tower to hear the controversial right-wing challenger speak.

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Uncertainty about the election results was further fueled by a leading French political scientist.

Dominique Reynié, head of the influential Fondapol thinktank, said Covid and the war in Ukraine had made elections unpredictable.


acknowledged that pollsters could not reliably call the results, even though Macron is clearly leading healthily over his rivals.

He said: “This is not an election like the others and I cannot see in any way that the outcome is certain.

“We can say one thing today and tomorrow it can be different.”