Frequently used Inkscape Keyboard Shortcuts

Every software or software usually there is a keyboard shortcut code or commonly known as Shortcutswhich makes it easy for users to quickly use their commonly used functions.

But the consequence is that you really need to memorize, moreover, there are many functions and features and each feature has a shortcut code…

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keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts

Tips for Memorizing Software Shortcuts

  • Memorizing shortcuts doesn’t have to be all, you can starting from the usual important functions you use.
  • Not all at once, just one by onethen keep repeating it, it will memorize itself automatically (from my experience using Adobe Premiere software) because I am a video editor, so this shortcut makes me work faster, so I can achieve free time… 🙂
  • Just keep repeating it according to the work role you have created or are currently attached to you…
  • You can print a Shortcut Set, and select it to “Memory Target” for large print, and place it on the wall behind the screen, so if you forget it, just take a look at the Shortcut

Easy isn’t it… the most important thing is that in memorizing there is no compulsion, God willing, it will be made easier… a little bit but regularly applied it will be better… 🙂

A collection of Important Shortcuts in Inkscape that are often used for their functions

There are many shortcuts, these are some inkscape keyboard shortcuts whose functions are often used along with explanations of their uses to make it easier for you to understand.

Previously, I have tried to convey in the best possible words I can… hehe, if there are still people who don’t understand… or my writing for the explanation is not understandable, I apologize. You can practice it right away.

Here is the Inkscape Vector Shortcut to make it easier for you to design..

No Name Keyboard Shortcut Code Utility
1 Select and Transform Object S To select and move and transform objects
2 Create Rectangles and Squares R To create a rectangular shape object
3 Create Circles, Ellipses, and Arcs E To create a circle shape object
4 Draw bazier curve and straight line B Tools used to create certain shapes, usually used for manual traces or for creating abstract objects by connecting the dots, like we use the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop.
5 Create and Edit Gradients G To give a gradient color effect to the object
6 Pick Color from Image D This is Inkscape’s Color Picker, so it’s used to quickly pick up colors from existing images and object colors
7 Document Properties Shift+Ctrl+D To set the size of your document or artboard
8 Align and Distribute Object Shift+Ctrl+A To adjust the placement of objects, adjust the distance of objects and tidy up objects, and align objects with one another.
9 Layers Shift+Ctrl+L To create layers, you can create your project in the form of layers that are usually found in raster software such as Photoshop
9.1 Add New Layer Shift+Ctrl+N To create a new layer
10. Text and Fonts Shift+Ctrl+T To display text and font settings
11 Group Ctrl+G To Group Objects
12 Ungroup Shift+Ctrl+G To quickly ungroup one layer, if in a group there is another group, it means that you only need to ungroup it again by pressing the shortcut on your keyboard.
13 Fill and Stroke Shift+Ctrl+F To display the object coloring settings (fill) and outline stroke coloring, and set the stroke thickness
14 Trace Bitmap Shift+Alt+B For automatic tracing of bitmap or raster images and make them vectors with results according to the settings made
15 Edit Path by Node N To edit PATH based on nodes or points that form a line
16 Stroke to Path Ctrl+Alt+C To change the stroke or outline line into a path (LINES FROM NODE / POINT)
17 Object to Path Shift+Ctrl+C To turn an Object into a Path
18 Cut Ctrl+X To cut Object
19 Copy Ctrl+C To copy Object
20 Paste Ctrl+V Paste objects that have been copied (Copy), or Cut (Cut) in the visible area
21 Paste in Place Ctrl+Alt+V Paste objects that have been copied or cut in the exact same area and position as the copied or cut object
22 Paste Style Shift+Ctrl+V Paste the Style of the copied or cut object, for example the star object is copied only the color to the box object. The trick, you just need to copy the star object, after that click the box object and press the paste style shortcut code

Those are some Inkscape shortcuts along with their explanations that I have compiled in tabular form, so that they are easy to understand.

You can also directly print the table, to make it easier for you to memorize ShortCut…

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