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From Jimin BTS to Taeyong NCT, this series of K-Pop idols have a hobby of providing emotional support for fans


Fans and idols have a unique relationship. In general, fans support their idol to be able to stand on stage. Meanwhile, the idols “paid” for the support from fans by giving their outstanding performances from the stage.

But not only that, Beauties. Some Korean idols have even become indispensable figures for their fans, because they do not hesitate to provide emotional support, such as giving advice and advice for fans who are experiencing stress with their personal lives.

Like 5 Successful male K-Pop idols become advisors among fans the following. Who are they?

Jimin BTS

Jimin BTS/ photo:

Among ARMYs, Jimin is a member who is known to often give advice to those around him. Not only that, Jimin also often offers some advice based on his personal experience, to ARMYs whopost about complaints and problems that are being faced.

Jimin always tries to understand other people and wants to give them the best.

Stray KIDS Bangchan

photo: STRAY KIDS/ photo:

As leader STRAY KIDS, Bang Chan always strives to provide comfort to the members and STAY (fandom STRAY KIDS group). He also always listens and tries to give advice to STAY who are talking about their concerns.