From Me, Someone Without Circle – Student Zone – Circle or circle becomes a word that is so exalted by everyone in the world. They say having a circle of friends gives its own advantages and happiness.

There will be cohesiveness and bounding that is so strong. But, unfortunately in this world there are not like them. For example me. In my opinion, life without circle not so bad. not bad. Instead, it made me learn a lot of things that other people don’t necessarily think about.

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It doesn’t actually look weird

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Introduce, I am the person who introvert. Often feel uncomfortable with social environments and crowds. Because, I think it’s very energy-absorbing. Maybe you think it’s weird. But, that’s how I am.

As a introvertsometimes there is often a feeling of inferiority to see friends who hangout together, exchanging stories and belonging to certain groups. It looks like fun. But, it’s tiring isn’t it?

We must follow the “rules of the game” in circle This is in the sense of not being free, let alone being selfish. It’s just that sometimes there are some things that don’t suit us and cause misunderstandings. That’s why I’m not affiliated with the one whose name is circle.

In addition, I also have privacy and more awake. Even though I’m not 100 percent free from gossip, at least my life is safe and peaceful. Because, several times heard whispers talking about me. They said I was too mysterious, scary, and stiff.

However, I also often feel lonely. Just a diary is my daily friend. Because, I trust them more than friends. You know what I mean.

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Maybe It’s Not About Friendship

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As time goes on, I realize that circle not about friendship let alone friendship. Then, circle not always establish relationships or socialize with other people.

However, circle-I are all your hopes, aspirations, and dreams for the future. That way, I don’t have time to contemplate what my social condition is like. Because, I have to make all my hopes come true someday.

Circle-ku is about me and my future. Even though I suck at making friends, at least not with my ideals.

It’s not that I don’t like having friends, but I think I enjoy being alone more. Ignorant many people think strange, nerdand others.

Apart from that, there are many valuable lessons if you don’t have circle. Can be yourself, away from gossip, not being the center of attention and more calm in carrying out activities.

But, I hope that you guys really find sincere friends and not just labelling circle just. Don’t forget to be friends with yourself.

From Me, Someone Without Circle

That’s Mimin’s review of a motivation from someone who lives without circle. Stay positive!

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of information about students and the world of lectures and turn on notifications. See you later.

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